Forth is an organization focused on creating intentional events that celebrate CHICAGo's Creative community and connect women entrepreneurs.

We do this in three ways.


Our hallmark events! Our conversational salons are evenings for creative women entrepreneurs themed around a central topic

We host invite-only quarterly salons designed to provide creative entrepreneurial women the time and space to talk. While there are groups devoted to biz dev and social media and entrepreneurship, we believe there is a beautiful reason to simply prioritize ideas and the women behind them. We bring an intimate group of clever women together in a beautiful space with tasty snacks and a beverage or two. As hosts, we ask a few questions about things we have been thinking and talking around a topic or theme and see what bright ideas are born.


Let's collaborate! Unique combinations of clever women for all manner of good things

By connecting and sharing the expertise, talents and stories of women who’ve attended our salons, Forth’s core members, we’re able to offer panels, workshops, talks and gatherings. Our invite-only salons attract leading entrepreneurs, creatives, educators, thinkers, doers and makers. By connecting and sharing the expertise, talents and stories of these gems, we act as a community and a resource, powered by and championing the incredible Forth community to the public. Stay connected with Forth by signing up for our newsletter here.


What do you want to create? Host an intentional event for your friends, family or colleagues

We’re available for consultation to businesses, organizations, and individuals interested in intimate, conversation-centered events. It’s more than party planning, We help you curate a guest list, craft an appropriate menu, set the perfect tone and style your space, focus your approach, and facilitate the heck out of a conversation. Make your guests and participants feel welcome and connected and plan an event they’ll remember. We’ll guide you through everything leading up to the event so you can confidently host your own fabulous affair. Connect with us to start the conversation.

Have some questions? Let’s talk.


Co-Founders & Facilitators
Kelly Allison

Kelly is the good eye and the itchy trigger finger behind Kelly Allison Photography. Her editorial-style lifestyle and documentary portraits of babies, children, families and events have been described as organic, graceful, honest, and evocative. Kelly is good at what she does. She’s also a hopeless romantic, a songbird, an over the top party planner. Kelly loves a bottom less cup of coffee and the thrill of connecting with someone new. Sitting still? Not so much.

Julie Schumacher

Julie is a writer, editor, and all around epigrammarian and started Well Turned Words to bring good words to the world, whether in print or online. She’s worked with everyone from small businesses to national non-profits and believes that brilliant writing can, does, and will change the world. Julie’s also an eager traveler, a decent baker, and a terrible ukulele player. She loves public libraries & public radio and hates figuring out what’s for dinner.

Lisa Guillot

Lisa Guillot a life, brand and business coach and helps people learn how to make their brands come alive, make better business decisions, and make a personal impact. She coaches clients to bring their best self, their authentic self, to their daily life, brand and business and create a life by design. She’s also a lover of bright colors & twinkling lights, small gatherings & summer, loud music (She’s looking at you, Mumford and Sons), family & a great glass of wine. She’d prefer a phone call to an email and almost anything to an airplane.

Kelly Connolly

Kelly owns the tabletop event rental company Nimble Well and tries to stay on the right side of the collecting/hoarding spectrum. She's good at parallel parking and thoughtful gift giving. The things that spark joy (mostly!) are working on projects with friends, micro urban gardening, home cooking, long-form journalism, social/political engagement, Bitmojis, bocce, and chilling near water.