10 Ways to Add Some Zest / by Julie Schumacher

As a slightly sparkly take away for the Winter Salon, I made lemon and lime citrus salts from 101 Cookbooks. salts

I'd made them before and still had baby food jars to spare. Not lids but dozens of jars. So, there's that. Why does that happen?

At the event I just kept saying "GREAT with chicken and fish!" and hoped all would end well because, as Heidi of 101 Cookbooks said, "Your friends will love you even more when you hand them little jars to take home."

Here are some actual things, besides adoring me even more, to try with citrus salts.

  1. For fresh smoked or cooked fish sprinkle as a finishing salt. Also great on ceviche. What you don't make ceviche all the time?
  2. On meats, especially chicken, they are wonderful as both aromatics and flavor enhancers.
  3. Margaritas or to jazz up a cocktail. You're welcome.
  4. How 'bout some using some salts in your guacamole or sprinkled on a nice avocado?
  5. One genius recommended sprinkling some on shelled edamame.
  6. A commenter on 101 Cookbooks said she used citrus salts on tomato sandwiches.
  7. AH! Another came up with dried porcini mushrooms and sea salt as a umami-rich crust for steak.
  8. This writer suggests using them on fries. Makes me think they'd be awesome with unsalted tortilla chips.
  9. As the salt in your gazpacho? Yes.
  10. Be super bold and use some of the salts in baking to add hints of lemon or lime to sugar cookies or other treats.

Happy sparkly noshing.