4xForth: Freelance Writer Aimee Schewe / by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Amiee-Schewe It's 4xForth Friday and today we're chatting with Aimee Schewe, a lady of many talents. We loved soaking up her contagious spirit at our summer salon in June. She's a witty freelance writer from the ad world, a letterpress printer at Brain Surgeons & Rocket Scientists, and a self-proclaimed fitness fashion freak (check out her blog Pretty-Sweaty).

A recent Chicago resident by way of San Francisco, Aimee's sharing her favorite things about her new neighborhood of Glen Ellyn, as well as giving us a must-do check list for visiting San Francisco.

These past few days have us all giddy - fall is here and Aimee talks about what she's most looking forward to this season. We couldn't miss the opportunity to ask this fitness fashion knowledge bank what four items every women should have in her workout wardrobe. Read on, friends!

What are your favorite things to do in your neighborhood of Glen Ellyn?

What I really like about my block in Glen Ellyn is that the front and back yards are gathering places. Somebody puts a fire pit out, and somebody else is going to walk over with a glass of wine. I dig it. Also, there are so many Norman Rockwell Americana-y events that happen all the time, it kind of blows my mind. I mean, there’s a cardboard regatta on Lake Ellyn. Are you kidding me? It’s really cute town.

Food and Drink: Waterleaf at College of Dupage (their culinary school’s restaurant) and I am super-stoked that A Toda Madre (sister to Bien Trucha) is moving to Glen Ellyn.

What are you most looking forward to about fall?

Michigan Football. Smells. Colors. Halloween. And the death of all mosquitos.

You recently relocated to Chicago from San Francisco. If we were going there for a weekend trip,what items would you put on our must-do list?

OK. Here’s the thing about San Francisco. It is a magical fantasyland. They have stuff everywhere that makes you go “What?!? This is just...here? This is like, a normal thing?” As much as I am burnt-out on hipsters and techsters and all that, I still get weepy-eyed when I think of the things that blew me away every day. Like, oh, I don’t know, banana slugs! The redwood forest! (It’s Endor!) Calla lilies just growing wherever like dandelions! All of the fantastic freaks all at home in one place...and this stuff...

Crissy Field

I was trying to think of the most “San Francisco” thing to do, something that I miss the most, and I think it would be going for a run on Crissy Field. It’s such great scenery and the sea air feels amazing. (As long as it’s not windy and blowing sand in your face. That sucks.) You run along the water, there’s a beach, there are tons of people and dogs, you pass the Palace of Fine Arts (surreal), then you get to smack Hopper’s Hands under the Golden Gate Bridge (a runner’s tradition). It’s just so awesome. I think I miss that the most. It’s such a great, great place. And hey. Running is free.

The Greek

If there was a concert at the Greek that I was interested in, that would be a must-do. It’s the amphitheater on UC Berkeley’s campus and not only is it designed to look like the artists are playing in a giant ancient Greek ruin, the backdrop is a view of the bay and the lights of San Francisco. It’s too awesome to exist.

Earn Your Beer

My husband and I used to play this game on weekends when we had nothing to do. We would just head out the door and walk to a neighborhood, get a beer, and repeat. And in San Francisco, you can kind of hit almost every neighborhood in a day if you want to. I’d try to hit the Black Horse Pub in Cow Hollow (it’s four feet wide, nobody talks, and there are usually 80s action movies on the TV), La Trappe in North Beach (subterranean Belgian beer bar) and Danny Coyle’s and The Paige in the Lower Haight. DC’s is just an Irish Pub, but it was our Cheers, and The Paige is just a great pre-hipster dive. Cash only. And don’t you dare be a douche.


Personally, I think Chicago is better for a “nice dinner out.” Unless you can go to The French Laundry or something, but I never could. HOWEVER. Health food? Out in the Midwestern suburbs? Not so much. So I really miss Herbivore (vegan) on Divis. And then Delfina (dinner-dinner, not pizza) in the Mission is seriously the best meal I’ve ever had. Ever. In life. Sorry that was an essay. But you know what the song says. “I left my heart...”

We love your blog on fitness fashion, pretty-sweaty.com What are the four workout clothing items that everyone woman should have in her closet?

Well thank you.

1. I own a metric shit-ton of black workout capris, so that would be my number one must-have. You don’t need 20 pairs, but one or two really good pairs will serve you well. Lately, I’m liking the Chaturanga from Athleta. If those were made out of Lululemon’s full-on Luon, then they’d be the perfect workout pant.

2. You need a real jog bra. Moving Comfort is legit.

3. You have to have a fat-day workout shirt. You’re not going to go jump around and sweat if you feel sad when you look in the mirror, so you need shirts for those days. I’m a pear, so tunics work for me. If you’re an apple, maybe a bubble shirt. Or go flash-dancy with a destroyed off-the-shoulder baggy something. Your collarbones always look good, right?

4. I think there could be some more cover-up options in the world. If you’re going to go shopping after the gym, or hell, even if you’re just walking the dog, maybe think about covering your butt. Call me old fashioned, but leggings aren’t pants and I don’t want to see all your body parts at Trader Joe’s. Long jackets are nice. But what I’m hoping to see more of are gym-to-street options. I have this flowy baggy convertible vest thing I found at Lulu (I know, ugh, there are tons more brands, see my blog) that’s made out of a real-clothes looking fabric that also wicks. It totally doesn’t look like a gym or even yoga cover-up, but it is. And it makes my capris and tunic look almost like an outfit-outfit. More cardigans and clothes-like cover-ups. So what if they get sweaty? That’s what Febreeze and laundry detergent are for.

Aimee, you are hilarious. Living in Glen Ellyn almost sounds like it's out of a dream. Your San Francisco tips are top notch - I'm saving those for a future trip! We're with you on all the workout recommendations too - a great pair of leggings, good workout bra, and longer tops that allow us to basically wear uber comfortable flowy clothes while calling them an actual outfit are A+ options in our book.

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