4xForth: Hannah Hoggatt of PINT / by Clare Johnson

It's the final Friday of May and today, we're talking to Hannah Hoggatt of PINT for this week's 4xForth feature. Each Friday we're highlighting one of the lovely women in our community by learning about her favorite Chicago places and restaurants, hearing what she's excited about for the upcoming season, and gaining some incredible recommendations for weekend trips away from the city.

We met Hannah at our spring salon and on top of her contagious personality, Hannah also dazzled the women with her work at PINT. PINT is a Chicago-based company that creates delicious in-season and local cold-pressed juices and blends. Better yet, they (Hannah & Devin) deliver their products directly to your door! Can't beat that. Today, Hannah's taking a break from juicing and talking to us about some of her favorite bites, sites and travel locations.

What you love about Chicago:

  1. Food: When I am craving fresh air and delicious food (and coffee) I head down to Hyde Park and right to Plein Air. Their root vegetable tartine is to die for and the atmosphere is perfect and oh so calming. In the city one of my favorite treats is the black bean + plantain + goat cheese empanada at Cafe Tola on Southport and Addison. Last but not least- I LOVE tacos! Antique Taco is definitely a go-to. The sweet potato tacos + cheese curds + chips and quac… goodness gracious, it’s amazing. OH and you can't go without having the rosemary margarita… duh.
  2. Drinks: We work hard, so sometimes the best thing we can do for sanity is sit the heck down with a beautiful cocktail. Two of my favorite places are The Charleston, it is walking distance from our apartment and we discovered it shortly after moving in almost 4 years ago and it has been a favorite ever since; and Scofflaw - fantastic cocktails, great food + free cookies at midnight = awesome. OH + My favorite roof top bar is likely the J. Parker on top of the Lincoln Hotel.
  3. Movies: Sing-alongs? Old movies? New movies that are awesome? Meeting Jason Schwartzman? (dude gave me a hug, it was amazing) // it all happens at the Music Box Theater! I also love the Logan Theatre. Movie theater with a bar? Yes please. + Probably one of my favorite things in the world is watching movies outside with a picnic- so Movies in the Park, all over the city in the summer is a dream come true for me!
  4. Activities: Devin and I met in our High School photo class, + in that class we took one of the Architectural Boat Tours on the river. Ever since then it has been one of our favorite things to. I love to walk so every once in a while, on an afternoon off, we will go for really long walks stopping for a drink or small bite to eat at little places we come across that we have never been to before that look inviting. We are usually sore and a little buzzed by the time we get all the way back home.

What you love to do outside Chicago:

  1. Blue Plate Cafe - Union Pier, Michigan: I love when we go up to Michigan because it always means a stop at Blue Plate, and sometimes we’ll take a special trip to just go get breakfast here. It’s only a little over an hours drive so spontaneous trips up there are my favorite thing to do on a day off.
  2. Vesuvio + City Lights Book Store + Samovar Tea Lounge - San Francisco, California: I used to live in San Francisco, so I could write an entire list on all of the most amazing things there… but this is already getting long so I limited myself. Vesuvio is this amazing saloon that all of the beatnik writers used to hang out in the 50s. It’s on Jack Kerouac Alley if that paints any picture for you. It is right across the alley from City Lights Books, one of the most magical bookstore I have ever been to. Samovar Tea Lounge- a truly beautiful place with enchanting food and of course- tea. When you call the store number the voicemail said “You have reached the Samovar Tea Lounge in the Yerba Buena Gardens, located above the waterfall”…. Yeah- gardens.. tea.. waterfall… all downtown San Francisco.
  3. Willie Jane- Venice Beach, California: Stunning restaurant/bar in Venice on Abbot Kinney Blvd, phenomenal cocktails and food- and some of their food is grown in a garden down the street.
  4. Oddfellows Cafe + Bar- Seattle, Washington: We had one night in Seattle on the way back from Alaska last summer and walked all over the city and stumbled across this place that Devin had been to back in college. The place is so cool and the design is beautiful and it makes you want to live there forever. (obviously the food + drinks are incredible too).

Things you're looking forward to this summer:

  1. Camping: This is by far one of my favorite things to do. We have a pretty great list of places in Michigan we can go for a long weekend (sometimes just overnight if we are just dying to get out of the city for a minute). Even some of our awesome farmers that we work with through PINT have offered up their land for camping, so we are both pretty stoked about that this season! Sometimes we use a tent and sometimes we don’t. We just throw some sleeping bags, blankets and camp cooking things (Devin is a killer camping chef) into the back of the pick up truck and head out! I’m totally getting a battery operated record player this year so my camping equipment will finally feel complete.
  2. Movies in the Parks: as mentioned in the first list.
  3. Motorcycle Day Trips: Devin got me a lil 1971 Honda CB 100 2 years ago, fixed it up and this season it will finally run and we will surely be on the road! I have been riding on the back of his motorcycle the past few years and I am finally excited to get off the back of his and on to my own! Now to get out of first gear…..
  4. THE BEACH: If there is one thing I love the most in the world it is the West Coastline (and black bears) but Lake Michigan is a pretty good substitute (for the coast, not the bears). There are lots of Chicago beaches, and especially at night, they are so lovely. The sound of the water is probably the loveliest most relaxing sound I can imagine.

Personal goals:

  1. Have a giant library like Belle in Beauty and the Beast that has a ladder that rolls around it.
  2. Start a cat rescue farm… or just a farm in general… or maybe a regular farm that also has rescue cats (+ dogs) on it…..
  3. Have BEES! I want a few apiaries so bad. Bees are incredible little guys and make HONEY (duh)! Which is just such an awesome thing.
  4. Write a book. Kids book, adult book, in-between book… I don't care- I just think that would be so fun.

Thank you for sharing, Hannah. I would expect nothing less from a beautifully unique and motivated #GirlBoss like yourself!

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