4xForth: Heather Acton of Helio Interactive Inc. / by Clare Johnson

It's 4xForth Friday and today we featuring Heather Acton, Founder of Helio Interactive Inc. Heather started Helio in 2012 to service her growing freelance client base with a full service digital agency focused on building brilliant web experiences. She has been a member of the Forth community since the early days, attending her first event with us in Autumn 2013, and we're delighted to introduce her to our new members on today's 4xForth series.

Today, we're talking to Heather about her Chicago favorites. Her go-to city spots, favorite bites, places she plans to visit and her top website list.

Places I frequent in Chicago: 

  1. Northerly Island for concerts like OAR, Dispatch, and Dave Matthews Band coming up this summer.
  2. Civic Opera House: For work…LOVE the building though!
  3. Fountainhead: Gastropub in Ravenswood near a couple of my good friends. It's a great place for a drink and a really good burger on a pretzel bun.
  4. Rivers: Another restaurant/pub in the loop. Rivers is close to a friend’s office so it's an easy choice on weeknights for a couple…few….several drinks.

Places I’ll go someday:

  1. Portland: I just love the laid back culture there, and the food trucks!
  2. Austin: Since it’s a growing technology and hot live music hub, this city’s right up my alley.
  3. New Zealand: I’ve never been out of North America, but when I do get out this is hopefully where I’m headed. The scenery I’ve seen in pictures is more beautiful than anything I could imagine.
  4. Greece: The scenery and sights seem amazing as do the beaches.

Best bites in Chicago:

  1. The Gage: I’ve never had an actual meal there, but have sampled 10-12 of their appetizers. The menu changes so there are always good choices, and everything I’ve had was spectacular.
  2. Fountainhead: The burgers…and grilled cheese…and hand cut fries…mmmm!
  3. Pizano’s Pizza: Thin crust! I heard about this on Oprah and now it’s our first choice when getting pizza in the city.
  4. Hot Wok Cool Sushi: Yes really…good quick sushi! I haven’t experienced any of the really good sushi places in the city yet (I’m a new sushi lover), but I had to include sushi on this list somewhere! Hot Wok Cool Sushi IS really good for a quick sushi lunch!

Sites I lurve:

  1. Grain & Mortar:  Love the down home sophistication.
  2. Proof Branding: The colors and graphics are so lively and clean.
  3. Facebook: Not the look of it, but I love using it!
  4. Twitter: Same as Facebook :-)

Thanks for sharing, Heather!

Between your travel plans, upcoming summer concerts and bustling agency, it seems as though you've mapped out a busy and exciting year! We certainly hope to see you at one of our Forth events in the near future and until then - keep up the rad work!

Follow Heather at Helio Interactive, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.