4xForth: Jamie Davis of Greenhouse Loft / by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Jamie-Davis Each Friday we’re highlighting one of the lovely women in our community. Today we're talking to Forth alum Jamie Davis, co-owner and photographer at Greenhouse Loft, Chicago's most unique sustainable wedding and meeting venue. Jamie talks about good day trips outside of Chicago, the places she frequents in the city, websites she loves, and where to go for the best bites in Chicago.

Favorite places to visit outside the city/day trips from Chicago:

In the summer, on Sundays, my husband and I garden in the suburbs with my mom.  My mom lives out near Naperville, and they have the most amazing public garden plot program there.  My grandpa was an avid gardener and about 8 years ago he moved from the city to the burbs by my mom.  My mom wanted him to enjoy being out there so she secured a few plots.  He taught us a lot about gardening over the years.  He passed away a few years ago, but we still travel out to Naperville on Sundays to work on our 3 plots.  It's the best and we grow an amazing amount of food in the summer!  After the work is done we enjoy our produce and picnic in the garden.  Sometimes we cool off and go for a dip nearby in the query filled with water at Centennial Beach.  
When we aren't gardening we love going to Michigan.  Saugatuck is one of my favorite places.  It's super cute and has beautiful beaches and great food!  We stop in Three Oaks on our way up, grabbing food at The Pleasant House Bakery, and a cocktail at Journeyman Distillery.  We love Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, and Salt of the Earth in Fennville for delicious farm to table meals. On the way back we stop in New Buffalo for some peel and eat Shrimp and the Stray Dog.
Places I frequent in Chicago:
Penelopes and Una Mae's - My two favorite places for clothes in the city.  Always cool and interesting pieces.  I can always find something at these two places!  It feels very comfortable to be in the store and not overwhelming like big stores downtown.
Provenance - A little Logan Square store that carries a great wine selection, cheese, and other specialty groceries.  
Logan Square Farmers Market - Not only are there great farmers selling their goods, but I'm especially impressed with the small food vendors.  Mmmm...Kale burgers.
My back yard - It's really the best thing ever.  We grow flowers, vegetables, herbs.  We have a firepit and a grill.  Some of my best friends live below us.  It really doesn't get any better!
Sites I lurve:
www.ThirdCoastFestival.org - I spend a descent amount of time in front of computers editing and working on things.  I love documentaries, so when I'm working I really love listening to stories that the Third Coast Audio Festival offers.
www.EmpoweredSustenance.com - An interesting look at health, food, living a toxic free lifestyle.  I am "pescitarian" and she is into some pretty meaty diet stuff, but I find some of her paleo recipes to be amazing.  And just love her ideas!
www.WellnessMama.com - Although a mom blog (and I'm not a mom) - I find this blog chalked full of great information for everyday living - she again strives for a toxic free lifestyle that I really respect and strive for.  
www.JoannaGoddard.blogspot.com - This is a pretty popular and trendy blog, but I can't help but check in with her on a weekly basis, love her style and ideas.
www.Stichfix.com - I've been doing stichfix for over a year and it's one of the most fun things ever!  Once a month I receive a box of clothing in the mail.  I keep what I like and send the rest back.  Since I've been doing it for a while and able to give them feedback after every box, they are getting really good at getting what I like - which is awesome, but at the same time costing me!  Heehee, it's really fun though!
www.OhHappyDay.com - This blog blows my mind. I can't even fathom how this woman constantly comes up with brilliant party ideas.  I love a good theme party, so looking at this blog always inspires.
Best bites in Chicago:
Sticky Rice - Great authentic Thai in Chicago - especially the pineapple curry dish.
Fat Rice - Conveniently located between my house and work - interesting and delicious food!
Nightwood - A little biased as my husband works there -- but the cocktails are especially delicious.
Parsons - Fish Sandwich is awesome.
Avec - My favorite!  Everything is always perfect, from the environment to the food.
Shaws Oyster Bar - The oysters!
Sabatino's - Old school Italian. More about the vibe - but the food is great too
L Patron - We frequent this place for taco lunches. The fish tacos are perfect

The Arbor - The soon to be restaurant in the Green Exchange - for now it's in the version of a coffee cart in the lobby.  Already they are making custom parfaits, butters, jams, eggs and veggies from the garden and chickens in back.  Can't wait for the restaurant to open in the fall!

Thanks for sharing Jamie! You have some awesome food recommendations and I love that you garden with your family on the weekends! I took a day trip to Three Oaks, Michigan last fall and enjoyed Pleasant House + Journeyman Distillery - a winning combo!
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