4xForth: Jessica Jacobs / by Natalie Pavela


Each Friday we're highlighting one of the lovely women in our community by learning about her favorite Chicago places and restaurants, hearing what websites she's all jazzed about, and gaining some inspiration from destinations she's dreaming of traveling to next.

It's 4 x Forth Friday and today we're learning from Jessica Jacobs - artist, designer, entrepreneur and professor extraordinaire!

Places I frequent in Chicago: 1. Art Institute of Chicago - I see something new every time I go. One of the best things about my job is that I am always only a couple of blocks away. 2. Chicago Artists Coalition - A great place to see young artists just cutting their contemporary teeth. 3. Green Mill - Always and forever. 4. The Factory Theater - A tiny no-budget storefront theater that makes me laugh every time I go. Everyone should check out "Hey Dancin'! Hey Musical!" this April and May! Music written by my amazingly talented friend, Laura McKenzie.


Places I’ll go someday:
1. Montreal - I've lived many years in Wisconsin and New Hampshire, but still never made it to Canada. That needs to change soon. 2. Japan - My love of Hello Kitty knows no bounds... 3. Museum trip through Europe - Can't pick just one place, so I pick them all! 4. The Galapagos Islands - It's a wish list, right?


Best bites in Chicago: 1. Xoco - I've been to all of the Rick Bayless restaurants, but I think I love Xoco the best. Excellent quality without the extreme prices. 2. Ward Eight - Technically this is in Evanston, but trust me, it's worth the trip! (And by trip, I mean 20 feet across Howard.) Outstanding cocktails at reasonable prices, great atmosphere. 3. Tre Kronor - A good time even when it's crowded because you can hang out next door at the Sweden Shop while you wait. And the quiche! So light, so fluffy, so amazing. 4. Al's Deli - I have been going to Al's since college, and it's still fantastic. You can't go wrong with anything on a baguette or croissant, and all of the soups are delicious.



Thanks for your pics Jessica! We love perusing the arts section of the NYT & always crave tortas from Xoco when we find ourselves in River North. The Green Mill is a favorite spot for live jazz (as well as The Paper Machete, a live variety show hosted there on Saturday afternoons).


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