4xForth: Taylor Bryant of Jubilant and Forth Chicago's 2016 intern / by Clare Johnson

Photo by Angela Miller Photography

Forth Chicago has not one, but TWO new amazing 2016 interns. We introduced you to Carolyn Green on last week's 4xForth and this week, we're highlighting Taylor Bryant of Jubilant. Taylor comes to Forth with a plethora of experience and talent. As a graduate from Vanderbilt with a degree in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish, as well as experience in blogging, public relations and social media management, she is sure to bring a wealth of knowledge and light to the community.

Today, we're getting to know Taylor on a personal level by learning about her favorite places to visit - both in the city and for travel, best bites and favorite sites. 

Places I'll go someday

  1. Italy! I would love to spend a month (or six) eating my way through Italy and soaking up the culture.
  2. Cape Town: I spent time in South Africa. Every one I met gave me a different recommendation for what I should do if I went to Cape Town. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit Cape Town during my first trip to South Africa, so I need to schedule a return trip.
  3. Alaska: I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights. Alaska is one of the best places to do that.
  4. Buenos Aires: I speak fluent Spanish, but I've never visited South America. The "Paris of South America" seems like a good place to start!

Best Bites in Chicago

  1. Quartino: I have yet to try something on Quartino's menu that I don't like, but you cannot go wrong with an order of their calamari.
  2. Geppetto's: They have the cutest (and most affordable) personal sized deep dish pizzas. They're only available during the lunch hour on weekdays. Be sure to call about a half hour ahead.
  3. Sugar Fixe: Their macaroons are a surefire way to brighten your day.
  4. Ping Pong: The decor is reason enough to visit Ping Pong, but you'll stay for the modern take on Chinese cuisine.

Sites I Love

  1.  NovoEd: This site has a host of (mostly) free online classes. I like to browse their catalog every couple of months, or whenever I'm in the mood to develop a new skill.
  2. Canva and Pixlr: These are my go-to sites when I want to whip up a quick graphic on my work laptop. 
  3. Food Heaven Made Easy:  Wendy and Jess are my healthy living inspirations. Their recipes are always nourishing and flavorful.
  4. Darebee:  This website has an ever-growing collection of free workouts. I promise, they will whip you into shape.

Places I frequent in Chicago

  1. The West Loop Goodwill: Seriously, I get the best thrifting scores from this location!
  2. My local FFC gym: I didn't used to be the type of person who went to classes at the gym, now I'm hooked. I especially love the Barr-e-cuda and the Tread Express classes.
  3. Transistor: This store sells records, prints, and other pieces of art. It also hosts live music events on a weekly basis. I feel instantly cooler just by walking in.
  4. Garrett's: This place is as touristy as it gets, but I find myself wandering into the store when a sugar craving hits.

Thanks for sharing, Taylor! I, too, am a fan of thrifty finds and the occasional adventure to Garrett's. And Geppetto's?! How have I never heard of this adorable spot? The name alone is reason enough to go. 

Forth is incredibly lucky to have you and Carolyn on the team; we could not have imagined two better individuals. Love, hugs and high fives to you both and best of luck! 

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