A Quick Post on Glazed Cranberry Quick Bread / by Julie Schumacher

Few things prove as satisfying as baking a loaf of bread beyond eating it. I'll fight anyone who disagrees. Quick breads take the time constraints out of breadmaking without compromising on quality. While this cranberry and crystallized ginger gem from our Winter salon work wonders around the holidays, it's also super freezer friendly which means maybe I'm enjoying some right now.

The biggest challenge is chopping the crystallized ginger. If I'm ever independently wealthy, I will hire someone to do it for me. I find it maddening. I feel bad for cranberries. While all the other berries get to party in the spring and summer, cranberries often get relegated to a chilly weather treat. Because this bread freezes so well, make it a year-round yum.

The tart cranberry and the tang of the ginger are sweetened by a light glaze. Dunk it in some tea on a chilly morning, nosh it with some cranberry lemonade on a warmer Spring afternoon.

We found this recipe from Cookin Canuck to be that perfect blend of easy and tasty!