Autumn Forth: Sweet Things, Flourless Chocolate Cake Edition / by Julie Schumacher

For a jewel-toned event, those raspberries are just about perfect, no?20130919_forthchicago-3Aside from the spices of fall, the dense richness of a flourless chocolate cake feels just right. And, it's a nice sweet treat for any gluten-free friends.

I've written about the joys of chopping chocolate with the right knife. This was a noble use of that knife.

It's a recipe from Real Simple and it lives up to the name. I don't have a springform pan (though I DO have a newly made Christmas list) so I buttered the bejeezus out of the pan and also lined the bottom with parchment paper.

Wandering Whole Foods revealed some raspberries just begging to be put on top. To balance out the decadence, I whipped up some of the world's easiest whipped cream. (The Real Simple recipe includes whipped cream but I just default to this one) a Three ingredients in an easy-to-remember ration. I swear freezing the bowl and whisk is some kind of hoo-doo.

For as fancy as this feels, it was far less work than I expected. It's definitely entering heavy rotation at Casa Me.