Balloon Garland & Balloon Paper Spiral DIY / by Julie Schumacher

We got DIY-decor happy at our Summer Salon at Greenhouse Loft. With two easy balloon crafts, you could even say we got loft-y with our decor. Oh, sorry guys. I couldn't stop myself.We often have flowers take center stage, especially in summer, but wanted a change for our game-changing do-gooder participants. For the tables we talked ferns and flat greenery. To add some height and color sans bloom, we went all-in on balloons. First, Lisa shared this balloon garland inspiration from Design Love Fest on our Pinterest. Lisa opted to keep it simple with just the prominent pinks and pops of white and hints of green, no flowers. This How To from The House Lars Built is for an arch but includes the waterfall element that made up Lisa's creation.

How beautiful is that cascade! It gave movement and a focal point for an intimate event in a large space. Lisa likes to say she's not crafty but she proved herself wrong on this one.

Me? I love the meditative repetition of crafting (pompoms, I used Kelly's tassel DIY for our tot's third birthday circus party, you name it). I had seen this paper spiral DIY on Oh Happy Day. Um. A dinner plate, pen, paper and scissors. That's it. I could make spirals based on crap in our junk drawer and yesterday's dishes still on the table! Initially, I thought about having the spirals hanging above the food but then we circled back to the balloons. It was an easy adaptation, just run the spiral around the string and attach! We found the center part of the spiral cut would hold onto the balloon knot pretty well (in part because I forgot the hole punch).

I picked up some green and pink and white papers from Paper Source, the regular text weight paper worked brilliantly. I also experimented with vellum which looked great but, oh my, did it tangle in transport!


Each piece of paper makes way more than one balloon's worth of length (I got into it and made probably 10X too many spirals). You'll need to play with the length of the string. Too much spiral and the balloon sunk. Too little and off it floated up to the top (pop!) of Greenhouse Loft's lovely high ceilings. If you are feeling bold, you could remove the string and just have the spirals.

Both DIYs were easy and added the sense of wonder and personal attention we like to bring to every Forth event. Curious about our salon and event inspirations? Check out our Pinterest page!