YOUR WEEK IN AWESOME XXX and Big News from Forth / by Julie Schumacher

We'll get to all the awesome. But, first, we have REALLY big news about one of our favorite ladies.

This lady, in fact.

That's Kelly Connolly of Nimble Well. Kelly came to our Fall Salon in 2013 and began partnering with us for styling and general spectacularness. The last two years have seen her at our salons and events bringing insight, reflection, creativity, warmth and wonderfulness. We are all richer for it.

It felt like it was time to make our love official. Kelly has joined as the fourth Forth, joining Julie Schumacher, Kelly Allison and Lisa Guillot.

We've got a slew of public events coming up: private shopping evenings and panels and workshops and all kinds of magic. We're so glad to have Kelly's vision and thoughtfulness as a full fourth of the Forths. And, you can see from these images that the lady can style the heck out of an event.


Welcome Kelly. We are so silly happy!

And now, back to the rest of the Week in Awesome

Go, Do & See

Mead 101 at the Sugar Beet (seriously, how cool is that?)

Winter canning with Slow Food Chicago on Saturday 2/20.

Sunday is the Women with Drive Foundation gala!

Read, Watch & Stream

Christine Cikowski of Honey Butter was named one of the 2016 Women in Food by FW: magazine.

We are so excited by what TIll School is building. Learn more in ChicagoInno.

Po Campo talks making your bike shop more welcoming to women. Take note!