2014 Winter

A Quick Post on Glazed Cranberry Quick Bread by Julie Schumacher

Few things prove as satisfying as baking a loaf of bread beyond eating it. I'll fight anyone who disagrees. Quick breads take the time constraints out of breadmaking without compromising on quality. While this cranberry and crystallized ginger gem from our Winter salon work wonders around the holidays, it's also super freezer friendly which means maybe I'm enjoying some right now.

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Seriously delicious Salt & Vinegar Fingerling Potatoes by Katie Kenney

In honor of St. Patrick's Day coming up, we're bringing you our very last recipe from our Winter Salon at Firehouse Chicago featuring the staple to every Irish diet- potatoes! There's so many easy and satisfactory ways to cook the spud, and though we're sure most of you enjoy the French way (ahem, french fries), we implore you to try this recipe from Host the Toast to shake things up a bit - it won't disappoint!

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Cozy up and have some Cauliflower and Hazelnut Soup with Fried Sage by Katie Kenney

"I am a sucker for fried sage in any application. And when it comes to hazelnuts, I can’t seem to get enough. When I saw this recipe for a winter-y soup that included both, I knew it would likely be the most amazing thing ever. So I had to try it. And it didn’t disappoint. The flavor combination is superb, refined, comforting, complex, and just down right delicious." -Forth co-founder, Kelly Allison

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Crowd-pleasing appetizer: Brie & Balsamic Roasted Pears with Honeycomb & Pink Peppercorns by Katie Kenney

There's nothing like cheese at a party to guarantee happy diners. Add some fancy (and delicious) fruit topping, and you have a winning combination. For this recipe, a quick roasted pear is paired with honeycomb and peppercorns for an easy and elegant savory treat.

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Sip on this: Social Enjoyments, a sparkling sake minus the hangover by Katie Kenney

Today we're featuring our beverage of choice come Friday 5 o'clock (sometimes other days that end in -y too) - SOCIAL Enjoyments and founder Leah Caplanis. With write-ups from Crain's and Spoon University, if you haven't heard of these cocktails-in-a-can yet or seen them in bars around Chicago, like Benchmark, Untitled or the Trump, you will soon. Leah served up some SOCIAL at our winter holiday party at Firehouse Chicago and had us all buzzing, literally, about how great the cocktails were. 

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Scrumptious & Savory Winter Vegetable Pie by Katie Kenney

This delicious seasonal treat combines seasonal vegetables into a hearty meal. The use of a springform pan gives an elegant looks, while the combination of flavors  that will satisfy the most discerning palates. Perfect for mid-week comfort food, or an elegant cocktail party!

The vegetable combinations are endless, and the prep is really simple. Basically, mix veggies that taste good together, cook them a little, add salt, and bake in a crust. YUM!!!!

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