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4xForth: Stevi Savage of Averyhouse and Smilebooth by Clare Johnson

Happy 4xForth Friday, friends! Today we're talking with Stevi Savage of Averyhouse and Smilebooth. Did you see our Smilebooth photos from our holiday party? We couldn't get enough of everyone's gifs

Anyways, Stevi is a stellar lifestyle/wedding photographer, with a timeless touch and a knack for capturing authentic moments of beauty and joy! Stevi's kind spirit and appreciation for the everyday not only shines through in her work, but in how she spends her time in this lovely city of ours. Read on: 

Places I frequent in Chicago: 

Heritage Bicycles - A destination coffee and bike shop for Chicago tourists and we are lucky that it just so happens to be right in our neighborhood. :) The family behind the shop are quality people, some of the hardest working and smartest people I know. Naturally, you can expect every aspect of their product and service to be top notch. From cozy to inspiring, it's my favorite place to grab a cup of joe. 

Antique Taco - Best tacos I've ever had, hands down. Antique taco speaks my love language. We adore the family behind the shop and have loved bringing all of our out of town friends and family here for over three years now. There is love in every detail and something fun to look at in every corner of the room. 

Bang Bang Pie - Delicious brunch with that good 'ol southern hospitality. You won't find a tastier biscuit or a more unique spin on sweet and savory pie shop. The owner treats his customers like family and the pie garden is my favorite place to linger on a sunny day with my family and friends. 

Favorite things to do in Chicago: 

Fly kites at Cricket Hill - This is a family tradition that we started when my son was born three years ago. We take our stunt kites out to the hill on a windy day at the start of each new season. The view of the city from the top is a reminder to appreciate this beautiful city we call home. And looking up at our soaring kites is a reminder to let go of anything that is dragging me down and put my focus on what truly lifts me up. It's a special thing to do in the company of those I love most. 

Rent a kayak or SUP from the sailing center in Evanston - When we're in need of a little adventure but don't have time to leave the city, we head up to Northwestern's sailing center for a day on the water. We have rented both SUP's and kayaks. A double kayak works great for the three of us, including our three year old son.

Montrose Harbor - Taking a day of rest usually means biking over to the harbor with our hammock in tow. We pack a picnic, find a quiet spot on the lake, bring some watercolors or the ukelele, and spend a few hours just relaxing by the water. Sometimes we take a stroll through the bird sanctuary instead. It is peaceful and quiet, a great place to disconnect from the busyness of the city.

Favorite things to do with kids and families: 

Heritage Littles - When I have some extra time with my son during the day, we don't have to go far for a sweet little date with one another. He loves looking at all of the kids' bike accessories and the milk and cookie bar is the perfect place to relax together. He always feels so grown up when he pulls his tiny little chair up to the bar. The staff always do a wonderful job of making it a special experience for us both. 

Emerald City Theatre - Taking my son to plays at Emerald City are some of my favorite memories and a perfect way to spend a cold, winter day. We've seen Bingo's Birthday, A Teddy Bear's Picnic, and the Magic Treehouse, all of which were fun and memorable experiences for all of us. 

Millennium Park - In the summer, we love to visit Crown Fountain. Splashing around in the water is a perfect way to cool off on a hot day. In the winter, we love to ice skate around the outdoor rink and drink hot chocolate while admiring all of the festive holiday decor. My husband proposed to me on ice skates in the middle of the rink so this is always a very special memory for the two of us. :) 

Places I'll go someday: 

Rhodes, Greece - This is my dream vacation spot. When naming our son Rhodes three years ago, I came across the beautiful island when searching his name on Google. Once home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, The Colossus of Rhodes, the island looks like a magical place to explore and unwind on for a week or two. Sighhhh...someday!  

Toronto, Canada - We've attempted to make up way up to Canada for a quick getaway several times, but for some reason, something comes up at the last minute every time and we end up canceling. I am determined to get us there some day, though. It seems like a fun city to explore and is so similar (and relatively close!) to Chicago.

Patagonia, Chile - An international backpacking trip is high up there on my bucket list and I've dreamed of doing it here since college. Mountains crowned with glaciers, glistening waterfalls, flowering meadows, occasional puma sighting, feeling off-the-grid...the adventure sounds magical and even more so on foot, with a backpack, and countless opportunities to explore and experience the thrill of being a pioneer. 

Thanks for sharing, Stevi! Patagonia has been on my bucket list for a while now, too...when should we go?! In the meantime, let's grab a lavender latte at Heritage. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And make sure to follow Stevi on social media (Twitter, Instagram, SteviSavage on Snapchat)! 


4xForth: Liz Klafeta of BANGTEL by Taylor Bryant

I like to think of 4xForths as the catalyst to an amazing weekend because who doesn't love to read about rad women and their favorite things to do in the Windy City? This week's feature is all about community member Liz Klafeta, owner of  BANGTEL  She's an interior designer, stylist, entrepreneur, and all around girl boss.

Check out Liz's go-to spots below!

Favorite places to grab a drink in the city:

  1. Parson's Chicken and Fish. The outside patio is amazing for meeting a group of friends. You almost feel like you are in some amazing outdoor oasis in Austin, TX. The frozen Negroni's are superb!
  2. Matchbox because, well…not only do they make the BEST martinis, but they hand you the rest of the shaker. I love a good 2 for 1!  It's always a better idea to UBER here.
  3. Wang's!! That speakeasy dark sexy Japanese opium den vibe. Great for a martini and a first date and always throwing badass parties. Quite honestly, some of the best music in the area as well.
  4. Berlin, especially  for PLASTIC FACTORY.  Ever seen the creatures that throw this party? This place has been around for over 30 years and I have never seen this much talent roaming around the dance floor and gracing the stages. They are amazing. Androgynous Club Kids that spend days on their costumes.  Leave inspired and tired after shaking that hot foot all night long! 

Favorite hotels in the city:

Being that I gypsy amongst all the BANGTEL's, sometimes I have to live in a hotel when they are all fully booked.  It allows me to research first hand the type of top notch concierge we at BANGTEL like to provide to our guests!  

  1. Soho house. They send someone up to make your drink in room when phoned, pre-dinner hour.  Also, the number of toiletries with their own labeled bag is beyond impressive.  I, of course, phoned down and asked if I could take them all after trying everything Cowshed product in the shower.  I love staying there and taking meetings all day.  It is beyond convenient.  January and February are the best because as a member you can stay for $100/night!  That's what I like to call a PAR-TAY! 

  2. The Thompson Hotel: Um…love the restaurant, Nico Osteria.  The rooms are huge as well with a built-out banquet in the corner that is upholstered just right!  The TV's in the lobby with the landscape of the city simply blew my mind.  I had always wanted to do one with a fire silhouette in all the Bangtel's with fireplaces.
  3. The Public Hotel…Ian Schrager designed and there is just so much history.  I remember eating cheeseburgers with my sister in the original Pump Room pre-rehab.  We would sit in Frank Sinatra's booth and look at photos of all the celebs when they frequented the establishment as babies.  It is so light and crisp and refreshing there.  It always feels like home.  The weekend nights fill the lobby with DJ's and beautiful people, while Sunday has the best brunch. 
  4. The Chicago Athletic Association because it is just INSANE.  If you haven't been, GO.  The lobby, the view at the restaurant Cindy's, the Cherry Circle room with that CEILING.  So much history packed into that guy.  Ask for a tour and get your socks knocked off.  The rooms are super hip with brand new rehabbed bathrooms and there's a Shake Shack in the lobby when you come home on those late nights.  Land and Sea did a great job making 

Places I frequent in the city:

  1. Tile Outlet on Fullerton. I. AM. JUST. ALWAYS. BUYING. TILE. The prices are awesome.  There is also a limited run of things.  So, although, you may think everyone has it, everyone will not be able to have it.  

  2. Native Foods for that Taco Salad.  Do they put crack in that thing?? There are thankfully a few interspersed throughout the city, so its a quick pick-up when I am running around. 

  3. Andersonville: Thybony for wallpaper and paint. They have a great selection for wallpapers.  I also love Scout for a Marlin or an amazing table.  Kyllie, of Recovered Interiors, does an amazing job of upholstering some of their goods just right. 

  4. Zap Props or Propabilities for photoshoots and rental items for commercials and print ads.  Now, I generally go and purchase prized possessions for my rental homes. Shoot... I just told you one of my secrets! 

Best galleries in the city:

  1. Chicago Truborn: Ever wanted to be able to buy that "cool" graffiti-inspired art? Sara, the owner, is doing it right!   Not only is she a darling, but she really done something amazing by making street-art accessible to the public.  Pop in and get some good stuff!

  2. Johalla Projects:  Anna Cerniglia is not only one of the raddest chicks I have ever met, but she does the most inspirational things.  For example, she is somehow able to arrange to have her artists paint on a gigantic shipping container for the entry to Perry Farral's area Stage at Lollapoolooza.  NO BIG DEAL...she did that!  #mindblown

  3. Matthew Rachman Gallery:  Well curated walls focusing on contemporary abstract art juxtaposed along side an insane collection of rare mid-century modern furniture in a minimal setting.  The guys there are pretty rad, too! GO SEE! 

  4. Zhou B Art Gallery is a building of artists that offer a live-work space.  Its a crazy little inspirational building in Bridgeport with art installations down random hallways.  It used to be the home to the likes of Hebru Brantley and I love when the meeting of Styles is there.  They saran wrap "wall space" by repeatedly wrapping around columns that are 14' feet away from one another.  

Best places to relax in the city:

  1. Division Chiropractic Not only did they save my back, but Shari will cup the crap out of you and make you as good as new in no time! 

  2. Cowshed Spa is great to spend the day at.  Their massages are always so on point.  The facials are great as well.  If only they offered no chip manicures, this girl would call it a one-stop-shop. Afterwords, you can chill by the fire on roof or catnap while you watch a movie in the cinema room. 

  3. King Spa is uncomfortably weird at first, but then relaxing. Get naked with everyone and dip yourself in every hot to cold bath. You also get to wear the sexiest light pink scrubs while lounging in a variety of their Salt Rooms. The Bim Bop dinner is a highlight and the moisturizing face mask in a bag. 

  4. Painstop on Lincoln or Milwaukee is great for a deep tissue Thai massage.  The wait is usually limited and you can schedule it last minute. They even take some insurance. 

Reading  Liz's suggestions for enjoying Chicago has me ready to take a staycation. I can picture it now, a day at the spa, a night on the town, and coming back to one of the bangin' BANGTEL properties.

If you're ready for a staycation of your own or if you just want to be inspired by Liz's vibrant and ecclectic style, be sure to visit BANGTEL on the web and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

4xForth: Taylor Bryant of Jubilant and Forth Chicago's 2016 intern by Clare Johnson

Photo by Angela Miller Photography

Forth Chicago has not one, but TWO new amazing 2016 interns. We introduced you to Carolyn Green on last week's 4xForth and this week, we're highlighting Taylor Bryant of Jubilant. Taylor comes to Forth with a plethora of experience and talent. As a graduate from Vanderbilt with a degree in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish, as well as experience in blogging, public relations and social media management, she is sure to bring a wealth of knowledge and light to the community.

Today, we're getting to know Taylor on a personal level by learning about her favorite places to visit - both in the city and for travel, best bites and favorite sites. 

Places I'll go someday

  1. Italy! I would love to spend a month (or six) eating my way through Italy and soaking up the culture.
  2. Cape Town: I spent time in South Africa. Every one I met gave me a different recommendation for what I should do if I went to Cape Town. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit Cape Town during my first trip to South Africa, so I need to schedule a return trip.
  3. Alaska: I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights. Alaska is one of the best places to do that.
  4. Buenos Aires: I speak fluent Spanish, but I've never visited South America. The "Paris of South America" seems like a good place to start!

Best Bites in Chicago

  1. Quartino: I have yet to try something on Quartino's menu that I don't like, but you cannot go wrong with an order of their calamari.
  2. Geppetto's: They have the cutest (and most affordable) personal sized deep dish pizzas. They're only available during the lunch hour on weekdays. Be sure to call about a half hour ahead.
  3. Sugar Fixe: Their macaroons are a surefire way to brighten your day.
  4. Ping Pong: The decor is reason enough to visit Ping Pong, but you'll stay for the modern take on Chinese cuisine.

Sites I Love

  1.  NovoEd: This site has a host of (mostly) free online classes. I like to browse their catalog every couple of months, or whenever I'm in the mood to develop a new skill.
  2. Canva and Pixlr: These are my go-to sites when I want to whip up a quick graphic on my work laptop. 
  3. Food Heaven Made Easy:  Wendy and Jess are my healthy living inspirations. Their recipes are always nourishing and flavorful.
  4. Darebee:  This website has an ever-growing collection of free workouts. I promise, they will whip you into shape.

Places I frequent in Chicago

  1. The West Loop Goodwill: Seriously, I get the best thrifting scores from this location!
  2. My local FFC gym: I didn't used to be the type of person who went to classes at the gym, now I'm hooked. I especially love the Barr-e-cuda and the Tread Express classes.
  3. Transistor: This store sells records, prints, and other pieces of art. It also hosts live music events on a weekly basis. I feel instantly cooler just by walking in.
  4. Garrett's: This place is as touristy as it gets, but I find myself wandering into the store when a sugar craving hits.

Thanks for sharing, Taylor! I, too, am a fan of thrifty finds and the occasional adventure to Garrett's. And Geppetto's?! How have I never heard of this adorable spot? The name alone is reason enough to go. 

Forth is incredibly lucky to have you and Carolyn on the team; we could not have imagined two better individuals. Love, hugs and high fives to you both and best of luck! 

Be sure to follow Taylor on Instagram, her personal InstagramTwitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

4xForth: Forth Chicago 2016 Intern and writer Carolyn Green by Clare Johnson

It's 4xForth Friday and today, we're highlighting a very special (new!) member in the community. We're featuring Carolyn Green - writer at VSA Partners one of Forth Chicago's new 2016 interns! This incredible West Coast transplant (originally from Portland, Oregon) moved to Chicago a little over a year ago after graduating in 2014 from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, a Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor and an accidental almost-concentration in Medieval Studies. 

Beyond her incredible personality and wit, Carolyn is also an accomplished creative writer, runner, adventurer and overly-charming coffee date. We are tickled to have her as part of our team and can't wait to see where she helps take our amazing community. 

Places I frequent in Chicago: 

  1. The Second City: I recently started taking sketch comedy writing classes at the Second City Training Center, and it's been a dream. I mean, when else do you get to watch "30 Rock" for homework? We receive free passes to shows with our student IDs, so I try to see 1-2 shows a week. For anyone who wants to learn more about The Second City and the history of Chicago-style improv, I recommend the documentary "Second to None," a behind-the-scenes look at the seminal Mainstage Revue "Paradigm Lost," starring now famous comedians like Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff.  
  2. Lincoln Park: I love to run, and I finished my second Chicago Marathon this October. In Portland, we have an abundance of trails within the city, and I try to mimic that soft-surface experience whenever possible. In general, I'm a big fan of city parks. I love visiting NYC and running in Central Park, and I spent a semester abroad in London, where I would explore the city by running through St. James, Green and Hyde Parks to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, or spy on Will and Kate at Kensington Palace (never saw them). I can do multiple loops of Lincoln Park and never get bored. I'm also on a kickball team through Chicago Sport and Social Club. We're called the Kickbrawlers, and you can find us making memories on the Lincoln Park South fields every Friday night in the fall. 
  3. Green, Inc.: Crazy plant lady is the new crazy cat lady. I can guarantee you that if I'm walking down N. Wells Street (a frequent occurrence), I'll stop into Green, Inc. to see if they've received any new shipments of succulents or other "drought-resistant" plants (the only thing I can keep alive). My apartment is kind of modern, with lots of white, so I'm always looking for ways to make it feel more homey.
  4. Trenchermen: Wicker Park is one of my fave neighborhoods in Chicago, and Trencherman is one of my top restaurants in the area. Birthday dinner, Sunday brunch, whatever, I'm always down for a meal here. May I suggest the pickle tots or the eggs florentine? Housed in a refurbished Russian bath from the 1920s, it's worth visiting Trencherman just for the atmosphere.  

Things to do with out-of-town visitors: 

  1. Chicago Architectural Boat Tour: I tried kayaking on the Chicago River last summer, which was decidedly better than not kayaking...until a dead, decaying rat floated past my paddle. Coincidentally, that was the exact moment I decided my preferred Chicago River experience is an architectural boat tour—a great way for out-of-towners to learn about the city's history, feel the city breezes upon their face (smelling faintly of hot dogs) and hear some really great jokes from the tour guide, such as, "Never take marble for granite." 
  2. Art Institute: My parents gave me a membership to the Art Institute for Christmas, which includes free admission for one guest. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! Visitors are usually interested in an afternoon at the Art Institute, even if we just head straight for the "Ferris Bueller painting." My goal for this winter is to go to the Art Institute on my own (if I bring friends, we usually just end up talking and not really looking at anything), choose one gallery/genre, and read about every single painting in that section. Rinse and repeat.  
  3. Aquarium: I was born in Oak Park and still have a fair amount of relatives in the Chicago suburbs, so my family would spend 1-2 weeks visiting every summer when I was a kid. My mom was big on museums, especially the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium. The Shedd was always a favorite of ours, and when my brother and sister visit me on breaks from their respective colleges, we have to go back. It's not like otters will ever get less adorable. I've been to Adler After Dark, but Jazzin at the Shedd is next on my list! 
  4. Chicago Cultural Center: On the way to your requisite visit to the Bean, stop by the Chicago Cultural Center. It's free and they are usually featuring some pretty cool traveling art exhibitions. Walk upstairs to see the stunning Tiffany Dome, a 1,000-foot dome that contains over 30,000 pieces of glass (!!). Also, the Cultural Center is really warm, in case you have visitors who were brave enough to visit in winter. 

Sites I love: 

  1. Man Repeller: I follow too many design/photography/lifestyle blogs to count, but Man Repeller is a site that I check daily for fashion, humor or cultural inspo. Anything written by Amelia Diamond is right up my alley. 
  2. National Geographic: When an article from National Geographic shows up in my feedly, I always click on it. In another life, I think I would have been an archaeologist. 
  3. Design Sponge: Solid ideas for DIY projects and cool profiles of creative people. I love their city guides
  4. The Toast: Writing goals, humor goals. See "Women having a terrible time at parties in art history." 

Places I want to go:

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright Bike Tour in Oak Park: Biking and talking about historic architecture—what's not to love! Unfortunately, this tour was sold out every single time (once) that I tried to buy tickets last summer. Now I know I have to act early for next summer! 
  2. Evanston: My mom went to Northwestern, and always talks about how much she loves Evanston. I haven't been there since I was in high school, but would love to take a day trip soon. Ideally, I would bike there! (Can you tell I'm from Portland?)
  3. Renegade Craft Fair: I was out of town for this event in September, but I'm looking forward to the Holiday Fair in December.  
  4. Iceland: Not in Chicago, but Iceland is a dream vacation destination. I haven't looked into all of the details, but apparently Icelandair will let you take an extended layover in Reykjavik on your way to, say, Amsterdam, free of charge! Hiking, horses and hot springs, come on...and if you need any convincing, Arlena Armstrong on Instagram provides all the aesthetic appeal and wanderlust you'll ever need.  

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn! 

You're in good company when it comes to exploring the city and its many culinary and cultural wonders. Anytime you need a partner to help you explore Green, Inc., Evanston or any Chicago craft show.. you just call out my name (and you know where ever I am....). 

Be sure to follow Carolyn on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest and stay tuned for our second intern introduction, coming to you next week on the 4xForth series.

4xForth: Joan Cinquegrani of Five Grain Events by Clare Johnson

It's Friday, it's a beautiful day and it's time for another community 4xForth. Today, we're highlighting Joan Cinquegrani of Five Grain Events. As the owner and lead consultant at Five Grain, Joan effortlessly executes a wide range of events - from proposal planning to the big day (amongst many other services). With a background in non-profit work, Joan has a particular appreciation and knack for creating beautiful events on the tightest of budgets. Beyond her top-notch organizational skills, she's also a delightful dinner guest and Chicago enthusiast.

Read below and find out more about this incredible entrepreneur, planner and all-around wonderful person:

Place I frequent in Chicago: 

  1. Costco! Our favorite family outing. $1.50 hotdog/drink lunch special and so many opportunities for impulse buys. It's a blessing and a curse!
  2. Logan Square Farmers Market: We try and make it out to this almost every Sunday. It runs May-October outdoors. Lots of great fruit/vegetables but also prepared foods. My family and I go with a blanket, grab a couple tacos and horchata from the Cherub's booth and relax in the shade along Logan Blvd. 
  3. Gethsemane Garden Center: I am not a gardener but my mom is, so I have a lot of fun exploring the rows upon rows of different flower and plant options. Plug they have a fantastic gift shop. It's my mothers day go-to for a one stop shopping experience. 
  4. Humboldt Park: This giant park is so underutilized by most Chicagoans. They have a boathouse with lagoon (and new cafe!), formal gardens, lakes, baseball fields, playgrounds, and tons of green space. It's an oasis in the middle of the city and the perfect place for a walk, bike or run to get your green fix. 

Places I'll go someday:

  1. Milan: I did a study-abroad trip here and am dying to go back. My husband and I both own our own businesses so are thinking we might go live there for a few months in 2017. Trying to make plans to accomplish that!
  2. Hawaii: When I think of Paradise, I think of Hawaii. For some reason my travels have never lead me there but I'd love to go spend some extended time in Hawaii. 
  3. Alaska: Total opposite of Hawaii but I think experiencing the "wild" in Alaska would be a life-changing experience. 
  4. South America: It's a continent I haven't yet hit, and I would love to go experience the different cultures and see the sights. 

Best bites in Chicago: 

  1. Buona Terra: Seriously delicious and fresh Italian food.  If they have scallops on their daily menu you won't regret your choice.  Amazing bread with a garlic puree on every table.  Outstanding minestrone, and their Ravioli con vitello is superb.  I could go on...

  2. Taqueria Moran:  A local favorite--just down the block from where I live.  My faves on the menu are tostadas, their chicken and rice soup (big chunks of veggies, whole drumsticks, and a delicious broth), and chicken fajitas.  And margaritas for a special occasion!

  3. Lula Cafe: Everything on their menu is freshly prepared and so yummy.  A combination of very simple choices (turkey sandwich--add cheddar and bacon, thank me later) and more creative offerings.  They make a MEAN bloody mary if you are there for brunch, but go early if you don't want to wait in line.

  4. Osteria Langhe: This restaurant opened across the street from my office last summer and is a great addition to the neighborhood.  Delicious and light northern Italian fare and a nice wine list.

Favorite Podcasts: 

I don't have as much time to read as I would like, so podcasts have become my new "go to" for a little brain break while I do dishes or run around doing errands.

  1. Snap Judgment:  "Storytelling with a beat".  The stories on here are incredible--funny, scary, tear-jerking.  Each episode has a theme.  I just love hearing true stories (and sometimes fiction) about peoples' lives.

  2. The Longest Shortest Time:  This is a podcast about parenthood.  I had my second child just over a year ago and was thrown into mommy-hood in a way that I hadn't been with my first.  Colic, issues bottle feeding, the challenge of running a business with not one but two kids' needs nipping at my heels was overwhelming to say the least.  This podcast helped me hear other parents' stories and made me feel a little more settled with my current state of being.
  3. Invisibilia:  This show "explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions."  Very cool in-depth stories about how our lives are shaped by things around us.  Really cool!
  4. StoryCorps:  StoryCorps' mission is to help record audio from real people.  All the recordings are archived in the library of congress.  Looking for a cry?  You're pretty much guaranteed with these.  They are typically pretty short and capture snapshots of peoples' lives.

Thank you for sharing, Joan!

Your comments about the Logan Square Farmers Market have me missing summer already. Tacos, family and a picnic in the shade? What a beautiful family tradition! We applaud you for your tremendous ability to manage an incredibly successful business with family and life - a juggling act that many Forth members understand - and we wish you the best of luck in your Milan pursuits!

Follow and keep up with Joan on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

4xForth: Sharon Burdett of Strand Design by Clare Johnson

As is ritual on Fridays here at the Forth blog, we’re highlighting one of the inspiring women from our community in our 4xForth blog series. This week, we're highlighting Sharon Burdett of Strand Design. Together with her husband, Sharon and Ted Burdett run a beautifully unique design studio, creating objects from sustainably sourced and locally manufactured materials. Their work is impeccable and charming, just like Sharon.

We were fortunate enough to hear about Sharon's work, life and passion at our summer salon and today, she's sharing her insight on many of Chicago's best dishes, hot-spots and more.

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4xForth: Jamie Hayes of Production Mode Chicago by Clare Johnson

This week on our 4xForth blog series, we're featuring Jamie Hayes of Production Mode Chicago, a one-of-a-kind company that creates ethically-made, limited edition clothing for men and women. Production Mode's commitment to fair trade practices is one to be admired, as are their impeccably crafted garments.

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