Expecting the Unexpected / by Kelly Allison

Forth Chicago styling
When Lisa brought the idea of Forth to the table, I didn't quite know what to think. The words BRILLIANT! WONDERFUL! INCREDIBLE! and INSPIRED! were all in the front of my mind, and I was beyond thrilled that she wanted me to be a part of her brain child. But even though I was so excited about this new venture, I was more than a touch overwhelmed by the thought of trying to start from scratch & create something that had so much potential. I never would have been the voice of dissent out loud, but my inner nay-sayer waivered somewhere between 'how the heck can we begin to pull it off when all three of us are entrepreneurs & moms, to boot?' and, perhaps more importantly, 'what if nobody gets it?'
Forth Chicago stylish women
Within seconds of our first brain storming meeting, I knew Julie, Lisa and myself were more than equipped to pull it off. With Lisa's calm determination & unending stream of ideas, Julie's creative energy & kitchen prowess, and my propensity to say 'yes' to nearly everything that's handed to me, we had a sure-fire winning team.

Forth-Chicago thinking

The moment of truth came when we presented our first attendees with the proposed plan for our evening together. Instead of the blank stares or requests for clarification that I was worried we'd receive, we were met with eager participation that surpassed my wildest imagination. I was blown away with just how much people GOT it! As Forth Chicago, and as a group of bright women looking for human connection, we were gifted with each attendees presence. True presence. Each person was in the moment, and every single one of us relished in how wonderful it felt.
And my hope is that, if you ask our guests today whether the feeling lingers, they'd tell you they're still flying a bit higher than before that wonderful night in April.