Forth Approved: 10.16.17 / by Amanda Glandon

Photo: Black Girl in Om

Photo: Black Girl in Om


This Week

Oct 17: Learn a new skill at Argaman&Defiance's shibori workshop.

Oct 18: The Chopping Block hosts Alia Dalal for a lesson on building sustainable energy throughout the day.

Oct 18: Work toward real diversity in your business at Second Shift.

Oct 19: Join Parissa Behnia, Mana Ionescu, and others for a conversation on distinguishing your brand.

Oct 19: Enjoy a wine & weaving workshop at Argaman&Defiance's studio.

Oct 20: Take charge of your business life at the She Did It Her Way summit.

Oct 21: Join a clean eating bootcamp led by Alia Dalal.

Oct 21: Argaman&Defiance hosts a shibori workshop.

Oct 22: Black Girl in Om hosts Self-Care Sunday at REUNION.


Oct 24: Get some public speaking and presentation tips at Second Shift.

Oct 28: Rhine Hall leads "Liquid Confidence: Brandy + Grappa Cocktails".

Nov 9: Join us at the Go Forth Season 2 Wrap Party & Panel!


Lydia Crespo of Argaman&Defiance talks about the hustle on the Go Forth podcast.


Jayne Weddings is looking for event assistants and interns.