Forth Approved: 10.23.17 / by Amanda Glandon

Photo: Rhine Hall Distillery

Photo: Rhine Hall Distillery


This Week

Oct 24: Get some public speaking and presentation tips at Second Shift.

Oct 26: Small Biz Day video shoots at Big Teeth Productions.

Oct 26: Ellementa hosts a women + cannabis conversation at TLR: The Living Room.

Oct 28: Rhine Hall leads "Liquid Confidence: Brandy + Grappa Cocktails".


Nov 2: Rebellious Magazine hosts Feminist Trivia Night at Ladies Room Chicago.

Nov 5: Paige Worthy leads a free community yoga class at Zen Yoga Garage.

Nov 7: Jessica Zweig joins a panel of women discussing celebrating failure.

Nov 9: Join us at the Go Forth Season 2 Wrap Party & Panel!

Nov 16: Support Englewood + I Grow Chicago at the Gather Gala.


Searah Deysach of Early to Bed talks about allure on the Go Forth podcast.

Read about Shannon Downey's viral Badass Cross Stitch project in Vogue.

Ladies Room Chicago is featured in Chicago Magazine.

See Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om in Essence and listen to her woke + well playlist.

L'Oreal Thompson Payton shares how she transitioned careers.