Forth Approved: 10.2.17 / by Amanda Glandon

Photo: Luft Balloon

Photo: Luft Balloon


This Week

Oct 3: Claire Staszak hangs at Sossego for a meet and greet.

Oct 4: Drink & Draw at Spudnik Press.

Oct 6: Join in on a Logan Square co-working day at Second Shift.

Oct 7: Festive Collective hosts Creative Girls Gather.

Oct 7: Celebrate 10 years of Spudnik Press at Low Res Studio.

Oct 8: Festive Collective hosts a Funky Garland Art Party.


Oct 9-11: BarnRaise challenges designers, organizations, and community members to brainstorm sustainable food systems for Chicago.

Oct 11: Alia Dalal leads "Global Healing Kitchens: The Mediterranean".

Oct 13: Visit Milk Handmade during Andersonville Arts Weekend.

Oct 14: Department of Curiosities hosts an open house featuring Saffron Vintage and Production Mode.

Oct 14: Head down to Prairie Fruits Farm for a pizza pop-up dinner with Sunday Dinner Club.

Oct 15: GET. IT. DONE. at "Cross it Off Day" at Second Shift.

Oct 15: Milk Handmade hosts an Argaman&Defiance weaving with silk workshop.

Oct 17: Learn a new skill at Argaman&Defiance's shibori workshop.

Oct 18: The Chopping Block hosts Alia Dalal for a lesson on building sustainable energy throughout the day.

Oct 18: Work toward real diversity in your business at Second Shift.

Oct 19: Enjoy a wine & weaving workshop at Argaman&Defiance's studio.

Oct 21: Join a clean eating bootcamp led by Alia Dalal.

Oct 21: Argaman&Defiance hosts a shibori workshop.

Oct 24: Get some public speaking and presentation tips at Second Shift.

Oct 28: Rhine Hall leads "Liquid Confidence: Brandy + Grappa Cocktails".


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