Forth Approved: 10.30.17 / by Amanda Glandon

Photo: Bon Vivant Cakes

Photo: Bon Vivant Cakes


This Week

Nov 2: Rebellious Magazine hosts Feminist Trivia Night at Ladies Room Chicago.

Nov 3: Pilot Light hosts the Feed Your Mind Gala.

Nov 5: Paige Worthy leads a free community yoga class at Zen Yoga Garage.


Nov 7: Jessica Zweig joins a panel of women discussing celebrating failure.

Nov 9: Join us at the Go Forth Season 2 Wrap Party & Panel!

Nov 9: Learn about macrame and weaving at Festive Collective.

Nov 13-14: Parissa Behnia speaks at Women in Growth Stage Tech's Think Tank 2.0.

Nov 16: Ladies Room Chicago hosts Feminist Freelancer Coworking & Cocktails.

Nov 16: Support Englewood + I Grow Chicago at the Gather Gala.

Nov 18: Katie Jayne Sprenkle talks holiday entertaining at Macy's.

Nov 19: Emily Nejad of Bon Vivant Cakes hosts Drunken Donuts at Festive Collective.


Christine Cikowski of Honey Butter Fried Chicken talks about service on the Go Forth podcast.

Annie Frances wrote about Lydia Crespo/Argaman + Defiance on her blog. 

Argaman + Defiance, Production Mode, and Wulfka were featured on the Coat Check Chicago blog.

Bon Vivant Cakes is officially accepting orders for cookie dough pops!