Forth Approved: 3.27.17 / by Shannon Kaye

Photo: Le Papier Studio

Photo: Le Papier Studio



This Week

March 27: ReBloom and Pollen Floral Design are hosting a free flower donation workshop.

March 28: Lauren Ash is at Arts + Public Life Center for her monthly free mindfulness workshop.

March 29: Shannon Downey's students are producing a Free Fiber Arts Festival to engage their local community. 


April 4: Jessica Zweig is on a panel discussing the future of female entrepreneurship in honor of Equal Pay Day. 

April 7: General Assembly hosts the Women in Tech Breakfast at Freehand Chicago featuring lighting talks from amazing women around Chicago, including Nicole Vasquez of The Shift.

April 8: Grab you tickets for the 15th Annual CHIRP Record Fair and Other Delights.

April 9: Recharge with the next Self-Care Sunday with Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om.

April 11: Learn how to make Magical Chocolate Cake Gems with Megan Coffey at Festive Collective.

April 13: AIGA Chicago celebrates Jenna Blazevich by recognizing her as an Emerging Designer of 2017. 


Ten Rebellious Tips for Self Care from Black Girl in Om's Wellness Tribe.

Vana Chup of Le Papier Studio talks about building a career on Etsy on this podcast. 

Jamie Hayes talks slow fashion with Pattern.