Forth Approved: 3.6.17 / by Shannon Kaye

Photo: Vichcraft

Photo: Vichcraft

This Wednesday we'll be gathering during traditional work hours as a community in solidarity with the International Women's Strike & International Women's Day.

If you need to work, we support you. Come and work.
If you can strike, we support you. Come and strike.
Come if you can, for as long as you can.

All the details are here.

... and now on to all the other #ForthApproved things this week!


This Week

March 6: Volunteer with Common Threads in Downers Grove!

March 7: Jessica Jacobs hits the stage at Pecha Kucha Night.

March 7: Annie Higgins performs as a part of Women of the World Takeover at The Hideout.

March 8: Join US! Your Forth Sisters for a day of co(NOT)working at The Living Room in solidarity of International Women's Strike & International Women's Day. 

March 11: Vichcraft presents their first solo show! Access the trés exclusive event deets by emailing Cards Against Humanity. 


March 18: Drink local (and fancy!) at a Brandy and Grappa Cocktail Class with Rhine Hall.

March 23: Mingle with the Tribe of Oak Park and River Forest and participate in the panel discussion between some of "The Changemakers" out in the 'burbs. 

March 24: Centered by Design is hosting an art fair fundraiser at Lillstreet Loft to benefit Loom Chicago.

Read, Watch & Stream

The Frost House and Knoll: Prefab, design & preservation. 

Forth favorite Lauren Ash was named one of 26 women of color changing the face of wellness by Thoughtfully Magazine.

Johanna Brannan Lowe tells the story of Parchment House for Restrocity's blog.

Alia Dalal is fermenting her own batch of kombucha and we are fascinated!

Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio offers 5 tips for dealing with design and product copycats.

Learn more about the Women of the World Take Over show (see above!) in Amelia Hruby's interview with Angela James.

Jessica Zweig gets real about the fear paradox.