Forth Approved 4.9.16 / by Julie Schumacher

Courtesy of  Luft Balloons

Courtesy of Luft Balloons



This Week
April 11: Dean Renaud at the Ace Hotel Coffee Talk on being a multilevel creative with Presence Agency

April 11: Come to our panel talk on Finances, Pricing & Transparency

April 14: Slow Food Chicago hosts Becoming a Backyard Orchardist - Workshop 1

April 14: Clean Eating Bootcamp with Alia Dalal

April 14: Brand Lab: The Complete Branding Workshop, an all day event at evolveHer from Chykalophia

April 15: Feminist Creative Consciousness Series: Cycles with Amelia Hruby

April 17: Weaving + Macrame in Color with Little Feral at Festive Collective

April 18: Global Healing Kitchens: India with Alia Dalal

April 19: Feminist Freelancing Coworking + Cocktails with Rebellious magazine.

April 19: Creative Women’s Co. anniversary party

April 21: Late April PreSERVE Garden Volunteer Day with Slow Food Chicago

April 24: Wood & Macrame Hanging Planter (BYOB!) with Kenyatta Forbes

April 26: Jessica Zweig is a featured speaker at day 1 of the She Did It Her Way Summit

April 26: Story pitching workshop with Rebellious Magazine

April 28: Life Design 101 with Creative Women's Co

April 28: Slow Food Chicago hosts Becoming a Backyard Orchardist - Workshop 2

April 29: Modern Macrame with Kenyatta Forbes

May 1: Slow Food Chicago May Food Book Club for The End of Food by Paul Roberts 

May 5: May PreSERVE Garden Volunteer Day with Slow Food Chicago

May 6-7: Bridal beauty education seminars with the amazing Nika Vaughan

May 12: 2018 Slow Food Chicago Tomato Seedling Sale

May 14: Connecting the Issues that Hold Women Back: Caregiving, Leadership, and Financial Wellbeing featuring Jessica Zweig

May 16: Clean Eating: Very Vegetable with Alia Dalal

May 16: Co-founder Julie Schumacher joins the Ace Hotel Coffee Talk series to share about building work around your lifestyle, hosted by Presence Agency

May 19: Rebellious Magazine's Annual Red & Wild Feminist Prom Fundraiser

May 19-20: FinFoundHer for founders and growth stage companies across industries, including a workshop with Parissa Behnia of Sixense

May 22-27: Change makers are gathering with Simply Be in Rome and Tuscany.

May 23: Global Healing Kitchens: Japan with Alia Dalal


Let's get Amelia & Fifty Feminist States across the finish line!

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