Forth Approved: 5.22.17 / by Amanda Glandon

Photo: Argaman & Defiance

Photo: Argaman & Defiance


This Week

May 23: Argaman & Defiance is partnering with J.Villa Workshop for a weaving and natural dye workshop.

May 23: Jessica Zweig is speaking at the Enterprise Sales Forum on selling through service.

May 23: The Shift is holding a branding workshop.

May 24: Lydia Crespo of Argaman & Defiance is hosting a paper marbling workshop.

May 26: A Little Photo Studio will capture your kiddo using their imagination at their May Happy Hour.


May 30: Early to Bed has a workshop on feminine dominance.

May 31: Claire Staszak of Centered by Design is speaking on content creation at the Digital by Design conference.

May 31: Alia Dalal hosts Global Healing Kitchens: Japan, where you can learn to prepare plant-centered, Japanese recipes.

June 1: Festive Collective hosts a free happy hour for the work-from-home crowd.

June 3: Emily of Bon Vivant Cakes shares her donut-making knowledge at a Festive Collective workshop.

June 11: Lauren Ash leads Self Care Sunday at REUNION.

June 13: Jessica Zweig joins a panel on female travelers at NeoCon.


Episode 3 of Go Forth is out now, featuring Alia Dalal on abundance.

Alia Dalal explains the Japanese principle of Washoku.