Forth Approved: 7.31.17 / by Amelia Hruby

Photo: Janice Bond

Photo: Janice Bond


This Week

July 31: Pollen ReBloom offers their monthly flower donation workshop.

July 31: Early to Bed hosts a Sex for Survivors workshop with Sophia Chase.

Aug 3: Festive Collective hosts Home Work Happy Hour.

Aug 4: Janice Bond opens "Be Careful with Mother: Notes from Beyond the Binary" at Filter Photo.

Aug 5: Vichcraft's solo show is closing with a pop-up shop.

Aug 6: FIG Catering and Radical Root Organic Farm partner up for FIGgin Radical Farm Dinner.


Aug 10: 312food hosts a 7-course feast with Chef Jimmy Banos.

Aug 13: Lauren Ash hosts her ever-popular Self Care Sunday at REUNION.

Aug 16: Alia Dalal hosts Global Healing Kitchens: India.

Aug 27: Slow Food Chicago hosts a Farm Roast.


Reasons to try coworking with Deskpass & Julie Schumacher.

Radically Loved Radio interview Black Girl in Om.


Greater Good Studio is hiring a Design Writer.