Forth Chicago Favorites: the best neighborhood Beer Bars / by Katie Kenney

We've rounded up some of our Forth friends' favorite bars around the city to make planning a night out just a little bit easier. Break out of your 5-block radius, explore a different side of town and order a cold-one at these neighborhood mainstays.

1. Quenchers Saloon - 2401 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Forth Approved by Alison Kuczwara

This was the first bar Alison ever visited in Chicago and she says it's still one of her favorites and highly recommends going when the Polkaholics are playing. As a saloon should, they have an extensive beer menu, but ALSO, buffalo tots. Yes, those are a thing and you should definitely try them.

2. The California Clipper - 1002 N. California Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

Forth Approved by Olivia Suchman Joffrey

This "honky-tonk dive bar" continually makes the cut on lists of local Chicagoan's favorite bars. Olivia says it reminds her of her hometown San Francisco, the foreign land of mild winters and everything casually cool, so take a trip west (of the highway) to see for yourself.

3. Piggyback Tavern - 410 Circle Ave. Forest Park, IL 60130

Forth Approved by co-founder Lisa Guillot

BBQ & Beer. Tacos & Tequila. You & Piggyback Tavern. Matches made in heaven. Lisa says to go with a flight of whiskey and a pulled chicken sandwich, and we won't argue with that.

4. Butch McGuire's - 20 W. Division St. Chicago, IL 60610

Forth Approved  by Molly Rudberg

Not only does this bar boast one of the best St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the city, this 50+year-old establishment is said to be where more people have met their future husband/wife than any other bar in Chicago. Case in point, Molly Rudberg met her husband here on St. Patty's Day and returns often for the great burgers and bloodies.

5. Guthrie's Tavern - 1300 W. Addison St. Chicago, IL 60613

Forth Approved by Kelli Taylor

Who doesn't love a bar that offers a wall full of your favorite childhood board games? Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial name it, they've got it.  As Kelli so wisely put it, "beer just tastes better with a side of board games and trivia."

6. Revolution Brewing - 2323 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL

Forth Approved by Devron Enarson

Rev Brew, as it's known by the regulars, not only has a great brewpub in Logan Square, but also their own brewery on Kedzie Ave., where they brew and bottle beer for all of Chicagoland. Devron is a regular at the brewery in Avondale and says it’s "a perfect place to gather with a group, bring your own food (might I suggest sushi from Lawrence Fish Market?) and sip their beer in a warehouse environment. You’ll feel very cool. Oh! And they have free popcorn!" Sold.

7.  Parson's Chicken & Fish -2952 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Forth Approved by Karen Valentine

It's no secret that Karen loves a good negroni, and Parson's has never failed her. They also offer plenty of beers and fried chicken, delivered right to your picnic table on their patio. Trust this world-traveler and foodie and get yourself to Parson's the minute we break 50 degrees.

8. Maria's Packaged Goods Community Bar - 960 W. 31st St. Chicago, IL 60608

Forth Approved by Krystyn Johnson

This Bridgeport little dive bar is a liquor store up-front, and party in the back. With a selection of 475 beers (!!) on the menu, we're pretty positive you'll find a favorite. As soon as the sun comes out, check out their outdoor neighborhood tavern and be sure to ask if Maria is in to meet the lady who started it all!