Forth FAQ / by Lisa Guillot

What exactly is Forth?

At our core, we’re a gathering. We host four salons, aligned with the seasons. For each, we bring together an intimate group to share their experiences around a central theme. We style the events, provide insanely delicious seasonal fare, and a whole lot of Prosecco. Participants are asked to bring a willingness to share and listen, to connect and celebrate, and to foster a community of women in Chicago.

Who can attend a Forth salon?

Anyone. And not anyone. Our salons are invite only so that we can effectively bring together a group of women from diverse backgrounds and industries. The typical Forth participant is an established woman of ideas and influence. While we support one another, we’re not a direct mentorship program. We’re also not a networking event. Not at all.

A Forth gal is active on social media but knows when to put her phone down and laugh heartily. She’s interested in creating community and growing her business. Authentic, engaged, savvy.

Many of us are entrepreneurs, many are in the creative world. We welcome corporate ladies and creatives and instead focus on the quality of the conversation over what’s on your business card.

What other events do you do?

Well, we have regular get togethers to keep connections ripe and fruitful (and to clink glasses). We’ve got an exciting roster of talks and events we’re planning, too, which will be open to a much larger audience than we can accommodate at the salons.

Can I work with Lisa, Kelly, and Julie?

Heck, yea! We collaborate regularly in our day-to-day work lives. Kelly is a phenom photog, Julie writes the words, and Lisa is a bona fide brand builder. We’re happy to talk about each other’s talents or showcase how we can work as a team. Please visit our websites to learn more about our work, much of which is done collaboratively. Why work with us together? We’re streamlined, we know how to communicate, we’re crazy talented, and we’re a whole lotta fun.

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