Fruit inspired cocktails / by Julie Schumacher

I'll be the first to admit, I fall for juice cleanses. And why not? You get to drink fresh juice and call it cleansing, no brainer people. Likewise, I also fall for a cocktail almost every night (I have 4 kids). So, I was beyond delighted when PINT partnered with us to create our signature cocktail for our Speed Mentoring event this summer.

Tequila + fresh pressed juice anyone? It helped coax the fire of enthusiasm, encouragement and inspiration that was in all of us that evening.

This summer Jamie Davis, co-owner of Greenhouse Loft, hosted our salon of entrepreneurial socially responsible women.

Our theme was "what goes around comes around" which is so artfully seen in Julie's mini raspberry cheesecakes, and those ice balloons. (PS. Pinterest didn't mention how freaking heavy the ice balloons were going to be). We took the concept of "round" one step future into the cocktail garnish with round berries and a dash of green basil. The cocktail was simply raspberry vodka and a splash of Trader Joe's pink sparking lemonade. Yummy and simple.

We are always on the hunt for cocktails inspired by the season. If you have any favorites, please share with us on our twitter page.

Be bright, Lisa