Creating the right ambiance for an event / by Lisa Guillot

Janelle from Re:find Joy shares her Forth experience with us:Forth Chicago event planning and styling

Forth Chicago event planning and styling

Forth Chicago is one of those events that you dream will some day come along. As an intimate seasonal salon for women, I really felt a connection to this event and what they were trying to accomplish. I was absolutely overjoyed when the ladies of Forth invited me along to provide props and assist with styling. 

Creating the right ambiance for any event takes the right combination of artistry, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. It is important to me that attendants FEEL something, and this was especially true of the Forth Chicago events. Here we were, putting a group of women in a room together who had never met...and yet we were hoping they would feel comfortable and welcomed enough that they would open up to each other. . . and they did!

I think this had something to do with setting the stage. With each event came a theme, and we made sure to express our intentions in every detail. From the food and table settings, to decor and lighting, we wanted to make these women comfortable from the moment they stepped through the doorway.

For the Spring Forth, our intention was the idea of starting something big. With this bold idea, we wanted a strong color scheme so we went with jewel tones. I pulled props that reminded me of strength…goblets in rich violets and amber, bold green glass floral containers, and I topped it off with gold-tiered trays and platters. Every detail was decadent and bright.

Forth Chicago event planning and styling

forth props 4

It was my hope that pieces from my collections would help create the right atmosphere. I believe that props are meant to be a backdrop of sorts, an accompaniment to the real star. They are there to make everything ELSE look good. I always try to think about this when choosing pieces. I pay attention to textures and surfaces that will not only compliment the items around them, but that will call to each other from across the space. It is important to see the big picture, even while choosing such seemingly insignificant details.

With every new client or event comes a new set of rules and parameters. It's quite an adventure, with ever-changing terrain. That's the best part of the job! I love to play with different ideas to create new displays, to take people to another place. Creating in any way is a magical thing, and I hope people continue to appreciate the beauty of it. Forth allows for such magic, because each event is a new canvas, and the atmosphere is already buzzing with energy. When you are a part of something this powerful, you carry that energy with you long after the event has passed. Forth is an outlet for transformation, positivity and growth.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight Janelle! We love the atmosphere and ambiance that you, and your carefully curated props and objects provide the Forth events.