Going Forth with Intention into 2017 / by Julie Schumacher

Rather than resolutions, we asked our community members to share some of the intentions they'd set for the new year. Intention is kinda our thing. 

Here are just some of their answers, and we'll be adding more this week. Get inspired, get motivated, get going.

To Find More Joy. To Be More Bold. To Cleanse from Inside Out.
— Lauren Ash
My intention for 2017 is to enjoy every moment as it happens, instead of always planning or wondering what my next steps are. This means always letting those I love most know how much they mean to me, being fully present in all interactions, and being grateful for every minute of time I have on this amazing earth!
— Nicole Vasquez
My intention for 2017 is to put down my phone.
— Amalie Drury
My Intention for 2017 is based on the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, “You must love in such a way that person you love feels free.” In 2017, I will strive to release anger, judgement and perfection towards myself and others. I want to cultivate a world where there is inherent freedom to be who you feel born to be. If this country is too fearful to let everyone be free, then I will start at home, I must start with me.
— Claire Staszak
My career and home require my daily physical labor. Rentals and styling is a material job. Rehabbing requires my stamina. And both kinds of labor pay me either through my clients or long-term investment. I’m approaching the birth of my first child and I realize that I will be learning and making room for new kinds of labor this year: birth, breastfeeding, child care—which are not the paying kinds of labor. My intention this year is to figure out how to value that for myself in the context of a social and economic system that does not.
— Kelly Connolly
I intend to fully embrace and nurture my feminine energy within by:
-practicing radical self love and self care
-engaging my creativity
-connecting with other divine super women and goddesses and be inspired by beautiful new friendships and to foster current ones

I intend to acknowledge and change all subconscious and unconscious untrue and limiting beliefs that are keeping me from living the life that I was born to live. I want my desires to be in alignment with my beliefs so that I am a vibrational match to all that I want.

I intend to be more present and show up more fully in my life.

I intend to practice gratitude and mindfulness by journaling and meditating at least 30 minutes a day.

I intend to manifest abundance in all areas of my life so that I can experience greater levels of happiness, prosperity, health, peace and love.
— Krystyn Johnson
Make work fun! I am launching another business soon and know that I will be working long hours. I want to start this new business with high energy, bold conversation and electric exchanges. Stress is powerful energy that I can use to make each day exciting and rewarding for me and my colleagues. Creating a positive and dynamic work culture is an adventure that I am ready to tackle this year with everything I have in me.
— Cheryl Munoz
2017 is the year of defining my core. It’s a process that starts with me being personally aware of the need for improvement. Instead of looking around I will be focusing my attention to my unique combination of values, strengths and passions…and use that as my road map to making 2017 a successful year both professionally and personally.
— Vana Chupp
To practice acceptance exactly where I am. I’m a striver, a goal setter, a challenge taker. and that used to get me really far. It taught me how to make a living for myself without a complete college education. it taught me how to take care of and support myself from the age of 17. it helped me raise two pretty cool humans. It got me out of debt, bought me a house, and white knuckled it through a lot of family situations. But now, I want to stop striving. To recognize that I am all the things I want to be. It is very hard to do this. But I’m trying… (wait, stop trying!)
— Sarah Drake
My Intention for 2017 is…
-not care about what everyone else is up to via social media
-treat my body as a temple and be nicer to it by doing yoga and working out again
-be real, be friendly and work with wonderful people.
— Ali Phillips
To practice the acceptance of my older physical self.

Not since puberty have I been so aware of changes in my body. It’s somewhat disheartening and I find myself being overly critical and fearful of it.
I’ve always disliked being aware of my body. I much prefer being in my head.

But I have to embrace the inevitable otherwise I will be miserable. So, working on accepting these physical changes and celebrating the good things that my age provides me will no doubt free up headspace for other better, more wonderful things.
— Johanna Lowe
To ensure we have less digital interactions and more human interactions, especially those that allow us to connect with people everyday.

I am not going to use the ‘easy’ button. I am going to avoid the self-checkout at stores so I can help preserve a job for those that need the work; a student; single parent; supplemental income to make ends meet; retirees whose pensions are not there as promised or healthcare that is too expensive.

Use the drive-thru rather than online ordering, anything that can help—not only preserve a job—but also enable us as humans to connect with one another with kindness and compliments.

Ask how their day is going? Compliment on a piece of jewelry or a color of lipstick? Something to remind us that we are humans and we all just need a little more kindness in this world, be it with words or with assistance to help others have a job to make ends meet.
— Karen Valentine
My Intention for 2017 is to NOT be quiet. I have not been vocal most of my life. Not that I’m not loud, I am—but usually that means singing at the top of my lungs, laughing loudly, and being an overall chatterbox.

But recently, I’ve noticed that so many times—if I had spoken up, something would have ended up better, or smoother. So many times, I don’t speak up, and then I kick myself. I’m ‘right’ more often that I realize, but I always assume the other person probably has a better idea, or is more informed, than I am.

This goes for politics and getting places too. I have great instincts and a great sense of direction. So, when google map says ‘left’ and my gut says ‘right’. I’m gonna scream ‘ TURN RIGHT, TURN RIGHT’.

So, cheers to being LOUDER. I believe in love. I believe in being fair. I believe in being open. I believe in being nice. and I will be LOUD about it.
— Brenda Bergen
My intention for 2017 is to get my mental confidence to match my outward confidence.
— Crystal Hodges
I’m setting my intentions on asking my community for support and help. I often forget that there are many people around me who’d be willing and excited to support me but as an entrepreneur, get in the mindset of doing it all myself. In 2017 I’m going to try to be less afraid of reaching out when I need it, but still being mindful and strategic about the asks!
— Kristen Kaza
My intention for 2017 is to prioritize health, self care, and personal relationships over professional goals. I spent much of 2016 focusing on my work and building my publication, The Learned Fangirl. But personally I carried a lot of anxiety about bigger things, like the election and personal things, like my chronic health issues. I struggled a lot with my vision issues, anxiety, insomnia. I know it’s all connected. But I want to be proactive in self care in 2017. I can choose to take better care of myself rather than constantly react to what I can’t fully control. I really neglected my songwriting and running, for career/job stuff and I was worse off for it, so in 2017, I want to make those things a part of my life again,and save my passion for them.
— Keidra Chaney
My intention for 2017 is to cut out all the noise and focus on what is real and purposeful. To stay open and listen without dwelling on negativity that may try to force it’s way in. To get grounded and grateful, deepening my respect and relationships with friends, family and nature along the way.
— Beth Barnett
My intention for 2017 is to spread love wherever I possibly can, share my resources and work like a motherf**ker against what is likely to be a pretty oppressive regime.
— Searah Deysach
My intention in 2017 is to be. I know that sounds simplistic, but owning my black, female existence feels like one of the most rebellious things I can do right now. Being, for me, means giving myself permission to take up space. That doesn’t come easily as a soft-spoken introvert and perfectionist. In 2017, I can have opinions and share them. I can try something and fail. I can do something simply for the pleasure it brings me. No end game necessary.
— Taylor Bryant
Push ideas past being ideas.
Over the past few years I’ve noticed I have a bad habit of getting psyched about the idea of something - a potential product, expanding my business, buying a house - and then letting it fade away or not being confident enough to pull the trigger. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the thought of how awesome it could be, but when so many thoughts pile up it can also be easy to put them all aside and keep on the same path. This year, I’m going to focus on a few key ideas and make them happen; at least one for my business, family, self, and something just for fun. And if more ideas come up? I’ll make sure to write them down so that 2018 has a good head start!
— Alison Sustarich
There are a million intentions I’d like to set.
But they can all probably be boiled down to one mantra: Grow the fuck up.
— Aimee Lehto Schewe
My intention for 2017: make space.

I’ve discovered that I spent a lot of time wasting time. But I never want to look back on my days and wonder where so many hours went with little to show for them.

So I am making space for the things that truly matter to me: social justice, yoga practice, happy marriage, and food made with love and passion.

To begin, I’m letting go of passive “allyship” and committing myself instead to active membership in (Showing Up for Racial Justice) SURJ, prepared to organize and act in whatever capacity I’m needed — and spread the word about the organization and our missions in whatever way I can.

I’m also pulling the trigger and investing in an eight-week yoga teacher training through a local studio. After considering this training several times in years past, I begin in late February. I can’t wait to turn such a deep focus to something that centers me and brings me so much joy, learn more about my body and mind through yoga, and find out where this practice can take me when I really devote myself to it.

I haven’t figure out yet how the rest will happen — or what calamities 2017 will lay before us, hoping for a repeat performance of 2016’s attempt to fill that space with despair, anger, and helplessness. But I am more powerful having made these choices. I am committed.
— Paige Worthy
My intention for 2017 is to create my life in alignment with my highest commitments of full-expression, loving, and caring. I will spend more time cuddling with my little humans, more time creating magic and wonder. I’ll be a blend of power + heart in my life’s work, creating a platform for ambitious women to engage at an extremely high level of in-depth thinking, possibility, strategy, structure and compassion for themselves and the impact they want to have in the world. More action on purpose with purpose.
— Lisa Guillot
Reinvest in self care, and reclaim my vision for life. My MO has historically been about ensuring the happiness of others, which is definitely a worthy cause. However, it has always been at a great cost to my own self, and my own voice. This year, I aim to understand what I need, what I want, what I believe, and to act on those elements in conjunction with, and in advance of, caring for those around me.

I want to invest financially & with my time in organizations and individuals that can make a positive impact on our country’s social sickness, and sacrifice appropriately to that end. I want to speak openly and without fear or trepidation the truths that I have witnessed first hand—truths of racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, bigotry against sexual orientation, and other hateful social norms that have become even more openly acceptable within our current culture of hate.

I want to do whatever I can to help make 2017 a year of healing, reconciliation, and change, finding the power within my own self, and obliterating whatever ingrained doubt that has played a part in keeping my voice at bay.
— Kelly Allison

What are your big intentions for 2017? Personally? Professional? Politically? Share them with us here or on Twitter. Share them with each other. Let's hold space and hold one another accountable for making the most of a new spin around the sun.