We / by Julie Schumacher

20140220_FORTH-31Last month we put an intern posting up at The Everygirl, knowing that the kinda gal we want to work with reads it. There were replies a-plenty. Incredible women with talents and interests and passions and blogs and drool-worthy Pinterest accounts. So it was going to take someone pretty darn special to stand out. Think a lady who hosts a regular apartment yoga class, who belongs to social groups like Garnish & Glam and Cinq. A lady who is a brand researcher by day and an everyday explorer. Who's my kindred cooking spirit and can take the Three Forth's informal interview process (think a giggly Google Hangout) and organize it into a masterful list of awesome.

And we found her! Well, to be fair, she found us first. But hot damn, are we excited to introduce Natalie, who will be working and planning and saloning alongside us this year. She'll be a frequent face on the blog, so get ready for some verve and charm.

So, Natalie...we have some questions for you so the Forth faithful can fall for you too.

This is the first of our Friday Four X Forth posts where in-the-know women will share some of their faves.

Places I frequent in Chicago: 1. Heritage Bicycles General Store 2. Lincoln Hall 3. The Green City Market 4. The Moth (True Stories Told Live at Haymarket or Martyr’s)

Places I'll go someday: 1. Italy (though a few of my best girlfriends and I are making the trip this May! We’re traveling across the country, with plans to visit Cinque Terre, Florence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast & Sorrento!) 2. Montreal 3. Seattle, Washington 4. Morocco

Words my friends would use to describe me: 1. Adventurous 2. Curious 3. Social butterfly 4. A human guidebook to Chicago restaurants

Best bites in Chicago: 1. Longman & Eagle 2. Avec 3. Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits 4. Ada St.

Sites I lurve: 1. Design Love Fest 2. Wit & Delight 3. 101 Cookbooks 4. The First Mess

A note from Natalie:

I am thrilled to be joining the lovely three Forth ladies this year as a fresh source of energy, lending a helping hand for event planning and social media. There is such beautiful power in bringing together small groups of bright women who are talented, encouraging, and willing to share their ideas. I’m eager to help facilitate the quarterly salons where we can make the space to discuss important topics and celebrate you as individuals. I’m looking forward to connecting (both on and off line) with all of the women who make up the amazing Forth community. We’ve got an exciting year ahead!

Follow Natalie on her blog Street Smarts, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.