Let's Make a Wish / by Julie Schumacher

Our Summer Salon was full of shared stories about the power of letting go. It was great, then, to be able to offer attendees a way to embody that release through a sparky gesture. (Plus, the exhibition surrounding us was entitled Embody.) Flying Wish Papers


Days before the event I wandered into Bee Home & Garden, a boutique near my house in Oak Park, and discovered a mini kit of Flying Wish Papers.

I immediately purchased approximately 100000 of them. It took a bit of finagling and a few false starts (Of demos, don't worry. No wishes were harmed in our attempts)

But when we did figure it out? Magical.

I present the ever delightful (seriously, you saw this, right?) Alison of tiny bold:


Flying Wish Paper 1 Flying Wish Paper 2 Flying Wish Paper 3 Flying Wish Paper 4 Flying Wish Paper 4 Flying Wish Paper 6 Flying Wish Paper 7 Flying Wish Paper 8 Flying Wish Paper 9

Sky lanterns, those incredibly beautiful and incredibly big beasts made popular on Thai beaches and wedding blogs, were recently banned in Illinois due to fire hazard. We had a moment of worrying we'd set off the sprinklers but, rest assured, these are wee in comparison.