Meet the Panelists: Molly Rudberg / by Taylor Bryant


A leading edge entrepreneur, author and executive coach, Molly Rudberg brings with her a potent mix of personal branding, leadership development, marketing strategy, working at thriving companies and running her own for over 15 years. A sworn enemy of the status quo, Molly works with individuals and organizations to get gutsy, craft change and overthrow the belief systems that limit their possibility and potential. Part business strategist, marketing maven and disruptor- Molly’s clients look to color outside the lines, question convention and take on the impossible. 

Photo: Kelly Allison

Photo: Kelly Allison

“Balance is bulls***.”


At least, prescriptive balance (i.e., 40% job + 50% family + 10% self care = the best you!) is a load of shit. No one has the license (or the knowledge of you) to tell you how or what to prioritize in your own life.   Health, beauty, relationships, career, fulfillment  - these things play out differently for everyone. 

The challenge is discovering what looks (and works) best on you. And that starts with intention. 

Think of the pure, unadulterated joy of kids on a playground. The sun on your face, crunch of wood chips under your feet and the squish of sand in your hands. The freedom of swinging high and the stomach-swooping dare of the monkey bars. So many challenges to conquer, discoveries to be made, tag games to be started, new friends to be made. 

Kids are masters at revelry — at being messy, and fun, and free. On the playground, they climb high for the joy of sliding down and run fast to catch the wind on their faces. Pure feeling.

Life is like that playground: chaotic, messy, challenging, playful, tiring, fun. The only difference now is, we’re no longer kids (bummer, right?) and that sense of fulfillment and joy is so much harder to embrace. There’s always something to worry over, someone to call back, another email to send, detail to confirm. 

Now, I’m not telling you to throw your phone out the window and head to the nearest playground (at least, not yet). It’s not about “unplugging” from your life (though sometimes, unplugging the phone can help), it’s about embracing your life — fully, from an authentic, deeply connected place. No more going through the motions. No more pushing it all to the side or holding it all in. 

Photo: Kelly Allison

Photo: Kelly Allison

Wellness and self-care can feel like “just another thing.”  Or more accurately, the very last thing on that very long to-do list you’ve got going. But if you pivot your viewpoint, you can see that wellness and self-care as something that is present (and possible) in every moment. Who we are “being” on our playground - in our world - determines the outcome of our work and lives. Are we dragging ourselves down with anxiety, overwhelming doubt, misplaced anger, soul-draining indifference?

We live in a busy, crazy, frantic world. Since you started reading this post, you’ve likely received 20 notifications — emails, texts, Facebook, oh my!  And it’s so easy to just ride that flow, day in and day out. But if we use the techniques at our disposal — let’s just start with mindfulness – or maybe actually going to a playground and getting down in the dirt, whatever makes us feel and connect with our deepest most authentic, playful self — we can start to feel the sun on our face again – and get a little bit of that childlike wonder back.  

And from that place - anything is possible (remember?).

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