Meet the Panelists: Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om / by Taylor Bryant


Lauren Ash is the Founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om, a lifestyle brand focused on cultivating holistic wellness, inner beauty, and self empowerment for women of color. She is also a certified yoga instructor, wellness curator, and creative writer. She is passionate about building authentic and meaningful community amongst women of color, people of color more broadly, and creatives and inspiring all people to live by their intentions and chase after their curiosities with enthusiasm, faith, and vision.

Today, she's sharing her thoughts on wellness and self-care.

Photo: Zakkiyyah Najeebah

Photo: Zakkiyyah Najeebah

A persistent challenge I have to learn how to address as a creative entrepreneur in the wellness and technology field? Learning self-care from the inside-out. Let me share a bit more about how vital this has been for me!

One would perhaps THINK that being the founder of Black Girl In Om and a yoga instructor that would mean that I’m an expert on taking care of myself. Think again: I have as many hours in a day as everyone else and as a very driven and ambitious woman every so often I get exhausted because I fail to to prioritize my self-care first.

Here’s one thing I know for sure: put your self at the top of your to-do list and regardless of how “busy” you are you will always be energetically sustained and feel uplifted.You may not make other people happy, but guess what? You’re not put on this earth to please others. You’re here to fulfill your purpose and, in doing so, will certainly inspire others, but you’re not here to be a people pleaser first.

Photo: Zakkiyyah Najeebah

Photo: Zakkiyyah Najeebah

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