Membership has its privileges / by Julie Schumacher

DCL-Forth-ChicagoWhen we had our first in-person planning session, we met at Design Cloud, a design studio and creative collective in the West Loop I've been a member of since January. As we talked, we realized that it would be a divine place to host our first Forths. We had fellow members attending, it would be fabulous in the early-evening light, and it is, quite literally, built for events. Working with Michelle, the bomb event planner and Summer Forth attendee, meant we could rest easy knowing things would go smoother than smooth. A community of creative independents, Design Cloud is all about starting new things. Here's a write up I did for our community blog on how I am Freddy Mercury (or Lisa, Kelly, and I are Freddy Mercury) and how we're all a bit gobsmacked by how well it went.

Bright-lights-Forth-ChicagoThat light? They made it.

See? The place just radiates bright ideas.

xo, julie