Mini Brownies with Chantilly Cream / by Julie Schumacher

Today's the last of the fall dessert recipes! 20140924_forth-24

Brownies are a satisfying treat, no? The less-than-refined look of a hacked out brownie square made me want something a bit more consistent and visually appealing for the fall salon. This mini brownie cupcake recipe from Epicurious did the trick. I thought handmade brownies would be complex to make. Nope. So easy! I skipped the powdered sugar and that whole step about magic inserts for the mini cupcake tray. A light hand with a flour baking spray worked just as well and undomed tops made for easier stacking.

Rather than go with a whipped cream (this is my go-to), I opted for a Chantilly cream because doesn't that sound fun and fancy? The main difference I can find is that whipped cream uses a powdered sugar and feels a bit hardier. Despite chilling it, an earlier-in-the-day prep time meant that by the time the event started the cream was very, very creamy. It worked well though and made for a tasty two-bite experience. The cream adds a nice balance to the denseness of the brownies.

If you're curious about the pennants, that's just a couple nights of HGTV and this washi tape. I loved that the chevron became a fall-ish plaid with the fold over. Tiny flags just make everything better.


Stay tuned for savories with sides from Kelly next week!