Mini olive oil bundt cakes of the lemon variety / by Julie Schumacher

Mini lemon-glazed olive oil bundt cakes round out (ha!) our summer sweets.

Last summer I first discovered how much I enjoy lemon and thyme together. Thyme makes a dandy little garnish and bakes in nicely with a tart lemon dessert. I've also enjoyed baking with olive oil instead of butter. It lends a depth but not overly "Hey, I'm olive oil" taste to sweet things.

Food Network has a mini olive oil cakes with lemon glaze and thyme recipe that is easy and uses a blender. I don't know when the last time I used a blender outside of making hummus or a smoothie so it was nice to dirty up yet another one of our appliances in service to Forth.

My winner for best food sensitivity blog name, A Calculated Whisk, has a lemon olive oil cake. This one was full size so I took a whisk (!) and figured the mini cakes would work. The gluten free / dairy free option did not include thyme. I'm sure you could work it in but I thought the thyme would make a nice visual clue for folks looking to avoid gluten/dairy.

Aren't glazes the best, though? Whisk some stuff together and a cake gets an instant upgrade. I was super dubious about the cashew glaze. I thought it was a bit more greige than white but as it thickened it turned out nicely.

Kelly's photography can cover all manner of sins. I will be the first to admit, though, my glaze game was not on point. Much like my lessons in piping for Spring, it's time to figure glazing out so it doesn't look like my four year old got into the toothpaste.