Pear-Cranberry Hand Pies / by Julie Schumacher

Last winter, I fell in love with handpies.

In particular, mini Nutella handpies. Handpies are great single-serving options especially if you are having an event where cutting slices of pie or cake would be a pain, or if you want to have food in a few different areas. They're easy to scale up, homey and rustic while also allowing for a whole lot of awesome to go into those crusts. Something simple like Nutella or multi-layered flavors work equally well and are equally satisfying.

So, another handpie happening was most definitely going to be on on deck. 

I went on a furious search and, man, are there so many options. I know summer is when we think of fruits and freshness, but I'm a sucker for fall's harvests and winter desserts that remind us of warmer days. Since I already had apples in a dish, I wanted to feature pears in the handpies. This recipe from Food & Wine brings in pear and cranberries as well as the spices that smack of fall and winter..

Unlike the Nutella handpies, which were made with pie crust, these are made with puff pastry. They also get an egg white glaze to add some crunch.

My major rookie error here was tripling the recipe. I had so much pear & cranberry filling! Next time, I'd take the extra and bake it, perhaps with some gluten free granola, to make a crumble for folks with food sensitivities.

The tart cranberry and sweet pears were heavenly together. I love that for a discussion on boundaries, about just how hard it is to set limits, these pies personified it, oozing and bubbling that lovely jewel-toned red.