Pear, Shallot + Squash Soup / by Kelly Allison

Leave it to Saveur to develop something so simple, yet so perfect. The ingredients are few, but the flavor complexity knows no bounds. You'll just have to try it for yourself to see what I mean. pear squash soup ingredients

Pear, Shallot + Squash Soup

You can find the full recipe here: Saveur



Pear Squash Soup ingredients

Served warm, it is a delicious meal. Hearty, nurturing, seasonal goodness. But the sophistication of flavors means it can double as a fancy appetizer. Serve room temperature in elegant shot glasses, with a scant dollop of creme fraîche and topped with a sprig of thyme (which I incidentally forgot to pack--perhaps not as pretty, but darn, just as good).

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