Scrumptious & Savory Winter Vegetable Pie / by Katie Kenney

This delicious seasonal treat combines seasonal vegetables into a hearty meal. The use of a springform pan gives an elegant looks, while the combination of flavors  that will satisfy the most discerning palates. Perfect for mid-week comfort food, or an elegant cocktail party!

The vegetable combinations are endless, and the prep is really simple. Basically, mix veggies that taste good together, cook them a little, add salt, and bake in a crust. YUM!!!!


  • Winter vegetables of your choice, washed and chopped into bite sized pieces (I used eggplant, dinosaur kale, zucchini, onion, tomato, garlic, but you can use anything that sounds good)
  • 2 Pie crusts (you can use store bought pie crust in a pinch, but it makes a huge difference if you make your own. And it's really quite a fast & easy process! I like the Cooks Illustrated Foolproof Pie Crust, but there are many great recipes out there. If you're going for a Gluten Free pie,Glutino's boxed pie crust is really fabulous.
  • Fresh herbs
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 lb Feta


1. Coat spring-form pan with butter & dust with flour. Stack 2 pie crusts & roll out to about 1/4" or so (you need 2 b/c the pan is much deeper & I like to fold over top like a galette). Roll crusts loosely onto your rolling pin and unroll into pan. (You can use a regular pie pan, too. Just won't be as dramatic with straight walls & such, but just as delicious)

2. Prep veggies: Slice onion into desired shape & mince garlic. Sautee garlic & onion together until tender, set aside

Cut eggplant into cubes & sprinkle well with sea salt. Microwave on top of paper towels for 4 minutes to pull out their water & bitterness. Sautee in olive oil until tender. Set aside.

3. Tear kale into bite size pieces, and sauté until wilted. Set aside.

4. Cut zucchini into bite size pieces, sauté briefly just to sweat.

5. Mix all veggies together, season with salt & pepper to taste, and add whatever herbs you desire (basil, thyme, rosemary, anything would be delicious). Crumble in about 1lb of fresh feta and mix well. Fill pie crust and fold top over the filling for a rustic tart look. Bake per pie crust instructions.

6. Let pie rest at room temperature until cooled before cutting. If you're feeling extra fancy, top with a small dollop of creme fraiche.