Spring Spotlight: Prosecco Herb Bar / by Julie Schumacher

Yesterday Lisa introduced five things she's got in mind when we're planning an event. Today we're spotlighting one of them: our Prosecco herb bar. 20140325_forth-132

There's no question we view Prosecco as an integral part to our events. It's festive and bubbly, a step above white wine but not quite as intense as champagne. It's been at every salon and while not everyone indulges we make sure we have more than enough for anyone who wants to to keep a (beautiful) glass full.

Forth is a thoroughly Chicago event. And it's been a slog of a winter. In fact, it snowed the morning of the salon. Just a tease of a dusting but snow nonetheless, and it made me even happier that we had designed the herb bar. It was a quick conversation during a planning meeting about a way to add something special, and seasonal, to the event. Lisa took that "you know what would be cool?" and showed up with a veritable, and verdant, herb garden.


Add a helpful herb list (I'd never tried marjoram and will admit to nibbling some while chatting at the bar).


To add some color and a dash of fruitiness, guests had the option of plunking a delightfully ripe kumquat or blackberry in too. We were talking unusual pairings, you know?


It was a simple way to take our good friend Prosecco and dress her up for spring. Herby lushness, customized by each guest, meant that we, quite literally, drank in the promises of a green spring around the corner.


And, it was a great conversation starter. No awful, traditional ice breakers necessary when you can wax poetic with a new pal about whether thyme or sage made the cut, or here, the cup.


Our adventure in herbs has made me think about the small things we can do that have a big impact. The gestures of welcome, the chances to foster a connection, the tiny dash of whimsy that can transform a fairly routine act into something with a bit of magic.