Summertime theme in the details! / by Lisa Guillot

I can't believe it is already the end of August! We just sent out our invite list for our Forth Chicago Autumn salon this week, and I realized we haven't even shared the awesome group of women, design, details and yummy nibbles that occurred at our summer event in June.Forth-Chicago-set-up-headphones As the hosts of Forth Chicago, we are curious and delighted with how much our guests open up about their life, ideas, faults and accomplishments- to virtual strangers! Many of our guests have only met either Kelly, Julie or me, yet they come to the evening with an open mind and heart, ready to share and listen. Our intention with each event is to create a welcoming space for conversation, openness, and a breath of air. My hope is that these pictures capture some of the essence of our evening.


We ran across Rue Magazine's delicious recipe for strawberry basil vodka lemonade. Not kidding, this was amazing, fresh and easy to make.


Our theme this season was "letting go." In business, and in life, we often hold something close to our hearts that isn't necessary, or productive. Resentment, jealously, fear, there is a whole bag of emotions that we carry on our backs, and why? Because it's what we have been doing for years? Because we are afraid to let go? What would we feel like if we didn't hold that grudge? What would it feel like to let go?


Visually this was a easy concept to embrace...balloons! The lightness of air, and the colorful addition to our space added a fun touch to the summer salon. I love how balloons interrupt space.

And how about these brass storks from Re:find Joy? They added elements of whimsy and grace to our round table.