4xForth: Patrice Perkins of Creative Genius Law by Clare Johnson

4xforth-Chicago-Patrice-Perkins Each Friday we're highlighting one of the lovely women in our community by learning about her favorite Chicago places and neighborhoods, sites she lurves, and places she enjoys bringing out-of-town guests. 

It’s 4 x Forth Friday and today we’re talking to Patrice Perkins of Creative Genius Law. There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe this incredible woman. If her credentials and many achievements weren't enough, she's also an amazingly warm and fascinating woman to meet, get to know, and learn from. Read about some of her favorite things below and stay tuned for more from Patrice on the Forth Chicago blog! 

Places I frequent in Chicago:

1) Big Jones - between the quaint, intimate French Quarters style decor and the delicious cocktails and grub, it’s one of my absolute favorite places in Chicago for brunch. I love the corn griddle cakes - thank me later. 

2) Untitled - Gotta dig the free live music six days of the week, the speak easy vibe. Unbridled on Thursday’s, an amazing variety show featuring burlesque dancers, fire throwers, jugglers and all types of circus-ey fun (and it’s free).

3) Currency Exchange Cafe - My newfound favorite coffee shop. The food is amazing (check out the pancakes, tacos, mexican corn, and the chai tea latte will make your eyes water). Plus, I love the creative energy of the space - after all it is the brainchild of Theaster Gates.

4) Santa Monica Summer House - Let’s just say, this place has the best ambiance of any restaurant that I’ve visited in Chicago - I love how they nailed the “summer house” theme. It takes you away from the hustle + grind of Chicago, and truly makes you feel like you’ve stepped into Sunny Cal. Try the mexican pork hash and any cocktails on the menu.

Sites I lurve

1) Making It Anywhere

2) Tonya Leigh

3) Entrepreneur On Fire

4) Tara Gentile

Favorite things to do in Chicago when out of town guests come to visit:

1) Renegade Craft Fair - the ultimate summer fair for crafters + makers.

2) Modern Vintage at Plumbers Hall - There is nothing else like it in Chicago.

3) One of a Kind Show at Merchandise Mart - Designated as an annual shopping excursion with my mom, but I love to go multiple days to explore the indie designers and gourmet section.

4) Silver Room Block Party - Summer fun, good people, house and soul music.

5) Can I add a bonus - Literally, any of Chicago's can I not?

Favorite Chicago neighborhoods:

1) Bronzeville - My home base. The classic architecture, wide streets, and historic boulevards make me swoon. Nestled in between Near South and Hyde Park, its convenient to get anywhere in the city. I love real neighborhoods and there is nothing like experiencing the Bud Billiken Parade by just walking outside, or the annual party on my block. 

2) Pilsen - Second Friday’s in the arts district....need I say more? I love stopping by Open Books, NYCH Gallery for one of it’s openings, enjoying brunch at Dusek’s (check out the Beermosas), and cocktails at Punch House or Simone’s Bar.

3) Wicker Park - I love exploring Wicker Park, especially in the summer. It feels very SOHO to me, and I thrive off of the hipster vibes. Concerts at Double Door are the best.

4) Hyde Park - I am enjoying Hyde Park’s rebirth. Must-do’s are hanging out at Promontory Point, swinging by Kilwin’s for the apple pie ice cream, dining at Chant for live music and the fried chicken, and a $6 movie (matinee) at the Hyde Park Theater.

Thank you for sharing, Patrice! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your favorite places and many wonderful restaurant recommendations. I believe we're somewhat of kindred spirits with our shared love for the 2nd Friday's Pilsen art walk, Renegade Craft Fair, and some amazingly delicious cocktails, music and dancing at Untitled. You embody and resonate all the beautiful qualities of a Forth Chicago woman and we're so delighted to have you as part of our community!

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