Fall recipes

Golden chicken thighs with charred lemon salsa verde by Clare Johnson

Today we're bringing you our second savory dish from our fall salon. To continue with our "Burnouts and Boundaries" theme, Forth Founder Kelly Allison prepared some seriously delicious grilled chicken topped with a charred lemon salsa verde.  If you're looking for ways to dress up a chicken, look no further. 

We have a few sites we traditionally turn to when searching for salon recipes and for this dish, we used the ever-reliable Food & Wine website. Classic flavor combinations like butter, garlic and herbs mixed with a unique lemon salsa verde make for a delicious main dish. 

We recommend a few tricks when executing the golden chicken thighs. Be sure to take time to prep the chicken to guarantee flavor perfection.  Stuff the area in between the skin and meat with sage, garlic and butter and if possible, prep the chicken 2-12 hours before you intend to cook it to allow the flavors to settle in. 

If you're planning to serve the chicken with the charred salsa verde, create the verde the night before and store it in the refrigerator. Prepping the chicken and the salsa the night before will make the execution of the dish much less time consuming when dinner comes around. 

If you missed our first savory post, grilled romaine and charred leek salad, be sure to check it out.

Stay tuned for our post on recommended side-dish pairings: esquites corn salad and green beans with homemade harissa.