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4xForth: Bryn McCoy of Citizen Made by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Byrn-McCoy Each Friday we’re highlighting one of the lovely women in our community. Today we're talking to Forth alum Bryn McCoy, the CTO and Founder of Citizen Made, a platform that makes it easier for makers to sell custom products online and in-store. Today Bryn shares some of her most frequented spots in Chicago, her picks for the best bites in the city, her go-to websites, and places she dreams of traveling to some day!

Places I frequent in Chicago:

1.  Goddess & Grocer – best breakfast sandwiches in town (except for maybe West Town Bakery's egg sandwich on glazed donut!) + I love the fun new balcony upstairs. 2.  The Book Cellar – Lincoln Square is a favorite hangout, The Book Cellar is packed full of goodies when I want to hide out in one of their corner chairs and read for a few.  Plus, Cafe Selmarie is right across the street. 3.  Winnemac Park – This park has preserved the region's native meadows + it has the loveliest willows throughout. 4.  Rotofugi – Collectible vinyl toys from the best of the best + an art gallery to boot.  My kids and I love to hang out here.
Best Bites in Chicago:

1.  Tanoshii – I like it raw. 2.  Arami – even my kids love sushi. 3.  West Town Bakery – hot sauce from the local coop, cake balls and, of course, the glazed donut egg sandwich. 4.  The Publican – most minimal, graceful ceviche I've ever had.

Sites I Lurve:

1.  www.surfermag.com - This may be my last year in Chicago for a while, only because I miss real waves.  There are few things that make me feel more connected in this world. 2.  www.kellywearstler.com - Edgy, earthy, stark… I really love this brand. 3.  www.olafureliasson.net - Olafur Eliasson may be my favorite artist–the way he transforms time and space is profound. 4.  www.badatsports.com - The conversations herein stretch my mind so far, it hurts.  So good.

Places I’ll go someday:

1.  French Polynesia – to surf. 2.  Harajuku, Japan – to shop. 3.  Biarritz, France – royal surfing. 4.  Florianopolis, Brazil – more surf, but also to dance like there's no tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing, Bryn! I've heard great things about West Town Deli - adding that to my list of places to try now. And take us surfing with on your next surfing trip, please! You can find her on facebookinstagram and twitter.

4xForth: Jill Salzman by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Jill-Salzman Each Friday we’re highlighting one of the lovely women in our community by learning about her favorite Chicago places and restaurants, hearing what websites she’s all jazzed about, and gaining some inspiration from destinations she’s dreaming of traveling to next.

It’s 4 x Forth Friday and today we’re talking to Jill Salzman! Jill's Picks:

Places I frequent in Chicago: 1. Schubas, my favorite live music venue in Chicago 2. Sultan's Market has the best falafel in town 3. My coworking space, 1871 4. Oak Park's Farmer's Market - for the fresh donuts!

Places I’ll go someday:

1. On a segway tour, any segway tour, in Chicago 2. King's Spa in Niles, IL is supposed to be an awesome full-day experience 3. I've heard that The Pita Inn in Skokie, IL has great, great food 4. The Field Museum - Is it embarrassing that I have not been there yet?

Best bites in Chicago:

1. Mana Food Bar -‎ delicious vegetarian & vegan food in Wicker Park. And I mean *delicious.* 2. Lem's BBQ is the best BBQ I've ever had anywhere in the world. 3. Little Goat - Girl & The Goat's little sister restaurant across the street. 4. Topolobampo for delicious Mexican by the famous Rick Bayless.

Sites I lurve:

1. Orbit Media Studios Blog, a very, very helpful site for us content marketers. 2. Betali.st - find out all the new up and coming sites out there that are in beta because I heart startups. 3. Obviously, Hootsuite. Keeping up with social media is hard and this makes it slightly less hard. 4. Sadly, TMZ. No need to explain, right?

Thanks for sharing Jill. Schubas is my favorite live music venue in the city too, so tiny and intimate! Sultans makes some killer baba ganoush as well...and now you also have me craving Little Goat's goat chili cheese fries.

Jill's the founder of Founding Moms, the world’s first and only kid-friendly collective of monthly meetups for mom entrepreneurs. You can also find Jill on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too!