Harvest Juicery

4xForth: Lisa Guillot by Natalie Pavela


Each Friday we’re highlighting one of the lovely women in our community by learning about her favorite Chicago places and restaurants, hearing what websites she’s all jazzed about, and gaining some inspiration from destinations she’s dreaming of traveling to next.

It’s 4 x Forth Friday and today we’re talking to Forth Co-Founder Lisa Guillot of Step Brightly!

I have 4 kids. Two of my own and two step kids. That’s my disclaimer to say (and not feel bad) that I travel within a 5-10 mile radius of the little village of Oak Park, and I prefer places that are off the freeway. Lame, yes. Time saver, yes!

Places I frequent:

1. Any and all book stores I can find, they are so rare these days and I crave printed inspiration. 2. Yearbook in Forest Park 3. Counter Coffee in Forest Park 4. La Colombe Coffee in the West Loop

Places I’ll go someday:

1. I am not really a dreamer, more of a realist, I’d like to go to the country, like the midwest country, or New Mexico country to sit outside and listen to bugs buzzing and drink a glass of wine.

Best Bites in a 5-10 mile radius of my house:

1.  Piggyback Tavern in Forest Park. The have flights of Whiskey. And pulled chicken sandwiches. 2. House Red Vinoteca, if you know me, you know I love wine, we are blessed with a wine shop in Forest Park. I joined their wine of the month club. 3. The Girl and The Goat, because I love the diner vibe. 4. Harvest Juicery. I love cold-pressed raw juice. Carrot, beet, ginger is my favorite. I just completed their 3-day juice cleanse. It was really hard, but I was determined to do it.

Sites I lurve: 1. Seth Godin. He is my celebrity crush, I soak up his words like a sponge. 2. Sean Low's The Business of Being Creative. He suggested Seth Godin to me. 3. This is Glamorous. When I do dream, this is what it looks like, very French, flowery, high fashion, probably smells divine and is really expensive. 4. It’s a tie between Orbit Media’s blog where I learn all of my web development tricks and Lightspan Digital where realism rules. It’s ok to tie these two because the founders are dating, and one of them is a Forth alum.

Thanks for sharing Lisa. Convenience is never lame and Oak Park is quickly becoming a favorite destination. Yearbook looks like a dream store and finding a favorite local wine shop is always a win!

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