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4xForth: Linsey Burritt of INDO by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Linsey-Burritt Each Friday we’re highlighting one of the lovely women in our community. Today we're talking to Forth alum Linsey Burritt of INDO, a design and fabrications firm creating site-specific installations using materials diverted from the waste stream. Linsey talks about the places she frequents in Chicago, her favorite places to visit outside the city, places she'll go someday, and where to go for the best bites in the city.

Favorite places to visit outside the city?

1. Starved Rock State Park - Last winter a few friends and I hiked this park to see the waterfalls —frozen. It was amazing. I have this strong need to connect with nature, but in the winter I turn into a hermit. That’s why it’s great to have friends who come up with great ideas to get you out of the house (thanks, Brian and Vanessa). 

2. Camp Wandawega - My boyfriend (Sam) first told me he loved me here in summer of 2009. It’s one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever been to. On top of that it is owned by two of the most humble, creative and amazing humans. We cherish every trip we get to take there.  

3. Home (Stevensville, MI) - I grew up in the ‘fruit belt’ of SW Michigan. Don’t laugh. It’s real. (Sam makes fun of me.) There’s peaches, cherries, 7 different kinds of plums, all kinds of grapes and apples, strawberries and lots of vegetables, too. There are also beautiful beaches, dunes and a large state park. I grew up going to the beach every day in the summer, which is why I used to have so many freckles (aside from the Welsh/Scottish blood of course). A lot of our high school parties happened either in the dunes or the corn fields. Sigh.

4. Ravinia -  Picnic in a beautiful lawn with friends, wine and there just happens to be live music in the background? Perfect. I just don’t go there enough!

Places I frequent in Chicago: 1. Green Grocer - I come here so frequently that if I skip a day or two they wonder where I’ve been. We even use the same bookkeeper (for INDO) who I met at the Holiday Party Cassie threw at her house last year. I love that I can go to GG with confidence that what I’m purchasing has come from a good place. I can even get produce from home!
2. Thrift stores & yard sales - It has been my dream to go to the World's Longest Yardsale. Have you heard about that? It’s 690 miles long and spans 6 states. I want to rent an RV and go to evvvverrrryyyy sale.
3. My roof - There is a hammock on my roof and now it is one of my favorite things to do after work to unwind. 
4. Smith Park - On the weekend I like to take our goldendoodle, Eli, to the park to play with his best friend Bansky. It’s an unofficial dog park where people let their dogs run free. Oh and I just started playing tennis there and I’m in love (April of Dose and I played this morning!). I played tennis in high school and it feels so good to get back on the court! 
Places I'll go someday: Sam and I are currently strategizing how we can take a trip around the world sometime in the next year so this list currently feels a lot less of a feat than it normally would. First on my list is Italy, for various reasons, but after having someone from there stay with us for the month of July it has made the urge much stronger. She has confirmed how much I will love it, especially the food. I’d also love to experience Africa for the dancing, which I did in college and fell in love with. And I’d also love to go to Vietnam for the beauty and the food. Last but certainly not least, I want to go back to a small village in Switzerland that is nestled in a reservoir. It is so peaceful there. Everyone grows their own vegetables and there is only one small store that closes at 2pm that if I remember correctly was on the honor system. Best Bites in Chicago:

1. Cellar Door Provisions - This is my favorite place in Chicago right now. I can’t even find the right words to describe how much I love it. It’s unlike anything else in this town. Everything is so elegantly crafted and the menu is always rotating with the freshest ingredients. They locally source and forage everything for their dishes. Everyone who works here is so passionate about what they are doing and it shows in the food. They have a chocolate croissant where there chocolate is blended into the dough. Nuff said.
2. Go 4 Food - My sister recommended this place to me and it’s now my favorite restaurant in China Town. They have a lot of seafood on the menu and all the flavors are very rich and the dishes are simply prepared. The best part is every time we go, we just go with whatever the waiter recommends. Get the Bao Tacos and pea shoots.
3. Publican - A little secret about the Publican is if you are vegetable-obsessed, you can order a ‘medley of vegetable dishes’. It’s not on the menu, but the chefs happily prepare a sampling of whatever vegetable dishes they have on hand which can be anywhere from beet salad to roasted vegetables - depending on the season. I also can’t even order oysters from anywhere else in Chicago because no one can beat them. Oh, and the seafood tower? Do it.
4. The sea salt chocolate chip cookie from Elaine’s - Eating this cookie for the first time spurred me into a frenzy to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. It’s that good.
(Food is everything.) 

Thanks for sharing Linsey! Love the insider tip about Publican veggie dishes, your rooftop hammocking spot is totally dreamy, and one of these days we'll finally make it up to Camp Wandawega too.

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Thoughts on Partnership, Love INDO by Natalie Pavela

indo Our spring salon discussion dove into the joys and challenges of women in business together. We were delighted that both Crystal Hodges and Linsey Burritt, the dynamic team behind INDO (and the gals behind the Honey Maid "Love" phenomenon), were able to join in the gathering. Both shared candidly about challenges facedespecially in the early stages of their partnershipand ultimately, the comfortable groove they've reached after a few years in business together. Today they're sharing some wisdom on business partnerships that's valuable not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone who's seeking healthy working relationships. It comes down to dividing and conquering based on your strengths, teaching, trusting and supporting one another, acknowledging emotions, and having balance from relationships outside of work.

1_There are two of you There was a point where we did everything together. We made every decision together, we co-wrote emails, concepted together, wrote proposals together. You know who had a sense of ownership about a project? Usually both of us. You know who usually got emotional about an idea because it was hard to shmoosh two into one ALL the time? Both of us.  You know how long things took? Forever. You can both do the same job if that works for your set up, just try to have split up the roles on different jobs. Is your partner kicking your ass at a certain thing? Ask them for a tip! Recognize you each have different strengths and can learn from each other.

recognize you each have different strengths and can learn from each other

I must say that for us starting out this way created the foundation for our business, but I think we held onto it a bit too long. In reality, we could have learned all we did in a shorter amount of time if we followed all this future advice. What we really needed to do was detach a little and trust a whole lot more!


2_Emotions Don’t let emotions stifle your business. It doesn’t matter who did what, who started what, who found what, who’s idea it was - because you wouldn’t be partners if both of you didn’t matter to the company in some important way.  Acknowledge to the other person if you are feeling emotional about something, attached to an idea, feeling unable to let go of an idea, excited about somethingand then discuss it openly. Or if your partner seems overly emotional about somethingacknowledge it and validate that is ok to feel that waythey might really need that. Then you can look for a practical approach to deal with whatever that is, together. Sometimes just simply acknowledging emotions makes them MUCH easier to deal with.  When you co-found a business of COURSE you feel emotional about it, it’s your baby! But acknowledge, let go, and be rational. Even though we are business women, we are people too.

lb 3_Built in support You always have someone to cheer you on and tell you that you can do it. This person will understand what the work entails and really mean what they say (because your friends, romantic partner and mom haven’t strung a thousand pieces of paper together and know what that feels like...)

This also means that it isn’t a competition, you are on the same team. Is your partner always getting things done faster? Congratulate them! Are you really good at something insanely detailed and your partner hates doing it? Expect a thank you!  Yes, you are partners, yes it is your job, but a little thanks, congratulations or acknowledgment goes a long way towards feeling appreciated and useful:) Teamships rule.

 you are on the same team

When we first started it was awesome to work together. Overtime things got a little stale (because we were doing exactly the same job) so very little support was being exchanged. After we finally started leading our own projects and taking more individual responsibility, supporting each other came back into the picture and really made our work life richer!

4_Respect your free time, and your partner's Granted, sometimes you will have a huge deadline and need your partners attention after work hours. But do you need to tell them about an annoying email you got at 7pm via text (2 hours after your joint end of day when they might be eating dinner?)  Maybe not. Or are you sending emails late at night when your other (romantic) partner is trying to talk to you and feels ignored?

Having a work life balance is important to having a good work life and a good personal life (you can have both!)  Most of us can’t be nurturing all the things we need to be nurturing every second of the day. Establish some boundariesacknowledge you both might have different boundaries that work for you - and figure it out.


5_ There are two of you, but only one of you You both have a company you are really proud of, you pour equal amounts of love into it, but don’t lose yourself to it completely. Acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses, projects you (or your partner!) killed it on. Figure out when to use ‘I’ and when to use ‘we’. Just remember that you have a personal flair, personal accomplishments, personal goals (so does your partner) and you should let them shine. 100% you + 100% your partner equals 100% awesome business.

figure out when to use ‘I’ and when to use ‘we’

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