Thinking behind our Forth 2013 Yearbook by Lisa Guillot

Forth Chicago Yearbook 2013I don't think it's a secret why Kelly, Julie and I work together so well. It's the combination of our creative skill sets: photography, writing and design. It's also because Kelly and Julie are amazing chefs. I am not, which is why I bring the Prosecco. And those two just make me a better person, and they are hilarious. Have you met them? You should. Friend them today. So what do you do with a photographer, writer and designer? Make a book. So we did!

Forth Chicago Yearbook thinkingOur goal for the magazine, as with most of our events, was to capture moments, conversations, reflections and sharing with friends old and new. Layering, details and transparency played a big role in our book from a design perspective. And you guys - our attendees! This book could have written itself. We were humbled by your insights and sharing throughout the year on our blog. Special excerpts and quotes fill the pages with thoughtful ideas on community, personal reflection and bonding with other women of influence. Networking? Forget it! We really saw how deep connections can bring together like-minded women to share through our community in this book. You can see the full magazine on Issuu here. Enjoy!

Forth Chicago Yearbook 2013

4xForth: Co-founder Kelly Allison by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Kelly-Allison Each Friday we're highlighting one of the lovely women in our community by learning about her favorite Chicago places and restaurants, hearing what websites she's all jazzed about, and gaining some inspiration from destinations she's dreaming of traveling to next.

It's 4 x Forth Friday

Today we're learning lots of great things from photographer and Forth co-founder Kelly Allison!
Her faves after the jump.

Kelly's Picks:

Places I frequent: 1. Lula Cafe -- Home cooking at its best! 2. Green City Market -- Perfect for browsing, tasting, indulging! Local farmers meet locally sourced food tents, all consciously delicious. 3. Yearbook -- Not technically Chicago, but damn worth the trip to Forest Park 4. Sweet Mandy B's -- A cupcake that is easily worth a thousand words. I could eat them daily.

Places I'll go someday: 1. Argentina wine country -- because, why not? 2. Iceland -- I'm enamored by this country & its vast landscapes 3. Costa Rica -- beaches. Yes, please! 4. Istanbul -- the food, the culture, the color, the architecture. All of it is amazing!

Best Bites in Chicago: 1. Perennial Virant -- I've long loved the pickling & preservation techniques of Chef Paul Virant. His down-home St. Louis style is elevated so carefully & intentionally; you get inspired & sophisticated dishes that are still rooted in Midwestern tradition. 2. Arami -- two words: uni shooters. 3. Honey 1 BBQ What can I say...I like BBQ, and this is THE BEST. 4. Las Asadas Chicago has so many amazing taquerias to choose from, it's hard to pick just one. But for the perfect carne asada taco - cilantro, onions, and steak that is tender, juicy, with just the right balance of chew & crunch from the fried fat - well, this place nails it.

Sites I lurve: 1. Design Files: Inspired interiors & great artist features. The Tasty Tuesday features are especially dreamy & have inspired many a Forth Chicago recipe. 2. Poppy Talk Handmade: Like a perfectly curated & more digestible etsy. Perfect for garnering inspiration, or finding a special gift. 3. SF Girl By Bay: Lovely, happy, lovely, happy, grand. 4. Herriott Grace: Beautiful food, beautiful photography, beautiful products. Everything Nikole Herriott touches is magic.

Thanks for sharing Kelly. We crave chef Virant's dishes and Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes on the regular. And we're totally venturing out west for a trip to Yearbook soon.

Follow Kelly's work at, on her blogPinterestInstagram, and Twitter.