berry bar

Summer Spotlight: Prosecco Berry Bar by Julie Schumacher

20140618_forth-6188 Prosecco is kind of our thing at Forth. See how we made it just a bit more perfect for Summer after the jump.

Taking inspiration from our Summer salon invitations, we looked to bright pink, tangerine, magenta, and deep purple to provide a bold color palette for the night. After the fun of our Spring herb bar, we knew we also wanted something to give the Prosecco extra pop again. The berry colors of our invite made a berry bar an easy, seasonal choice.


As a way to let guests personalize their drink, experiment a bit, and to start conversations, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi (yup, kiwi is a berry!), and even edible flowers all made an appearance at the berry bar.


Kelly of Nimblewell outdid herself, as she always does, with glasses a-plenty in such a beautiful array of summer colors.


In varying height bowls and cups, the setup made for an instantly fun way to greet guests and have them feel special. We're big believers in small details.