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4xForth: Olivia Leigh of Olivia Leigh Photographie by Clare Johnson

We're bringing back our 4xForth interviews with the amazing women of Forth Chicago, starting with the wildly talented Olivia Leigh of Olivia Leigh Photographie. Though Julie's fangirled since Olivia photographer her wedding, the rest of us recently met Olivia at our spring salon, hosted in the beautiful Sunday Dinner Club. Her warm personality, insight and attitude lit up the room and we're excited to introduce her to the rest of the Forth community.

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Sip on this: Social Enjoyments, a sparkling sake minus the hangover by Katie Kenney

Today we're featuring our beverage of choice come Friday 5 o'clock (sometimes other days that end in -y too) - SOCIAL Enjoyments and founder Leah Caplanis. With write-ups from Crain's and Spoon University, if you haven't heard of these cocktails-in-a-can yet or seen them in bars around Chicago, like Benchmark, Untitled or the Trump, you will soon. Leah served up some SOCIAL at our winter holiday party at Firehouse Chicago and had us all buzzing, literally, about how great the cocktails were. 

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