4xForth: Erin Huizenga of Borough & Block and Till School by Clare Johnson

It's 4xForth Friday and today we're featuring the multi-talented Erin Huizenga of Borough & Block, and Till School. Each week, we highlight one of the incredible women in our community by finding out more about her favorite hot-spots, restaurants, day-trips and more.

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4xForth: Margot Harrington of Pitch Design Union by Clare Johnson

It's 4xForth Friday and today we're talking to Margot Harrington, the communication designer, head honcho, and brains behind Pitch Design Studio. Margot fearlessly began Pitch Design Union in 2008 after being laid off from her job and she's been running an incredibly successful website, brand, and custom lettering company ever since. Did we mention she also teaches? That's right! She's currently offering a wonderful class on Skillshare titled Freelancing for Creatives: Kickstart your Independence.

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4xForth: Veronica Corzo-Duchardt of Winterbureau by Clare Johnson

4xForth-Chicago-Veronica-Corzo-Duchardt HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It's 4xForth Friday and today we're highlighting Forth Chicago alum, Veronica Corzo-Duchardt of Winterbureau! We met Veronica at our Fall Salon and were instantly inspired by her creative and insightful spirit - not to mention her incredible artistic talent and unique perspective on material culture and historic objects. Veronica is an artist, designer + print-maker, creating works of art for clients in the arts, publishing, and wine industries. 

Today Veronica chats about her favorite Chicago bites, sites she lurves, podcasts that inspire, and what she's looking forward to this fall/winter. One can't help but be captivated by Veronica's awesomeness -- both personally and professionally -- and we're thrilled to have her as part of our Forth Chicago community.

Best Bites in Chicago:

1) Middle Eastern Bakery: Middle Eastern bakery makes fantastic hand pies stuffed with all sorts of deliciousness for both veggie and meat lovers. Plus their spicy hummus is the best. They make all the food in house and have a great selection of middle eastern spices. 2) SunWah: Table side carved duck. Need I say more? 3) Tanoshi: I've been going here since I moved to Chicago, Sushi Mike creates the most delicious sushi rolls in the city. Hey just opened a second location in Fulton Market but I'm partial to the original in Andersonville. 4) Sauce and Bread: Great cafe in Rogers Park. As you can imagine, they make fantastic bread but they're also the people behind Co-op Hot Sauce. So when you go for brunch you get to try all of them!

Sites I lurve:
1) Boooom!: Beautifully created selection of art, design and photography. 2) Present and Correct: Present and Correct find the best collections of office supplies and ephemera. If you are into vintage office supplies you should also follow them on Instagram where they post beautiful stationary compositions. 3) Smitten Kitchen: My go-to food blog. Great recipes, pictures and process. 4) Collectors Weekly: Great collection of all kinds of collected objects from various subjects.
4 things you're looking forward to this fall and/or winter:

1) Snow! Yes, despite last winter I still love snow. I certainly don’t need 8 months of it but I figure if it’s going to be cold it might as well be pretty. 2) All day cooks: I love switching into winter cooking with all day simmering soups, stocks and really any slow and low cook meal that warms up the kitchen. 3) Snowboarding: This goes hand in hand with my love of snow. I don’t get to go snowboarding as often as I used to but I still try to get one weekend trip per winter. 4) Big red wines: time to start busting out the big reds to keep you warm on the couch. Some of my fav’s are made are made by Winemaker Vailia Esh of Desperada.
Podcasts I love:
1) This is Criminal: True crime stories done really well. 2) After the Jump by Design Sponge: The best creative business podcast out there. 3) Taste of the Past: a show about culinary history. Topics like the 'History of Pizza' or 'Dining out in New York'. 4) Memory Palace: Short little vignettes of a moment from the past, very much in the style of 99% Invisible.

Thank you for sharing, Veronica! I've officially pulled up each of your podcast suggestions on my tabs; I know what I'm doing for the next 2+ hours! I also think I speak for all the Forth-ers when I say that next time you want some company cooking a large batch of winter comfort food or sharing a big bottle of wine (or both!), look no further!

It was truly a pleasure getting to meet you and learn about your amazing work. Thank you for your contribution to both the design + art world and Forth Chicago.

Follow Veronica at Winterbureau, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.